Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life As We Know It.....

Life as we know it is crazy!  And full of naps, sweeping under the high chair, more naps, laundry, more sweeping under the high chair, more laundry, puzzles, alphabet cards, diapers, more naps........

Yes, lots of kids stuff!  And if life wasn't already busy with the above mentioned activities, I was hired to make a wedding dress for a bride whose wedding was in 6 weeks.  So, life as we know it is crazy! And we hope, that one day soon, it will calm down....maybe we just need a vacation!

Now, I have some pictures for y'all, but bear in mind that I just got a new computer and I haven't downloaded all of the pictures from my camera just these are just a few of my favorites!

 Lilyana and Bella are besties.  And riding on a quad that is just their size is a current favorite pastime. 

 Tristan got to taste his FIRST strawberries!!!  It was love at first taste!
 Lilyana has been waiting and waiting and waiting for strawberry season to come back!

And so has breakfast!

It was FINALLY warm enough to have dinner outside! Hurray!!!!

Tristan...ever curious, ever exploring.

And during one of our most recent heat waves (which then deserted us and left us with cool weather again), the kiddos had a blast playing in the sprinkler!

Lilyana has a love/hate relationship with water. Showers and sprinklers are fun. The bath and swimming pool....not so fun. And the beach is her favorite place to be!

Tristan loves water period!

His swimsuit from last season was much too small. I just found a new one which is super if it would only warm up again so he can wear it!

My cutie pies. 

 Guess who turned THREE??!!??!!??!!?? That's right! My sweet little angel of a girl had a birthday this month! I can't believe how much she has grown up! For her birthday, we took her to her favorite place in town...La Mo. She had a lovely time, but informed the owners that she was still a bit too small to work there....but maybe when she turns 4! :)

 Such a sweet princess. The last three years have been so short!  Where has all the time gone??!!

And life as we know it is changing again....


James McDonald said...

Love, love, love this post!

Abigail said...

Super excited!!!!! :D <3

Melyssa L. NicDhòmhnaill said...

I love the post!! Such wonderful pictures of the kids!! I've missed those faces so much!

Also, CONGRATS!!!! So excited about another niece/nephew coming to grace us with his/her presence! =)

Melinda Ryken said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :D SO happy for y'all and your new addition! When are you due? :D

<3 <3

Sarah A. said...

Tiffany!! I miss all you guys! I can't believe Lilyana and Tristan are getting so big. Yay, for that new computer. And Congratulations on the new upcoming adorable munchkin!!!

Lauren said...

How did Lilyana get so big??!! She's not a baby any more! Thanks for this update, complete with your very exciting announcement! Congratulations!

lcrmum said...

Congratulations!! Love the chalkboard idea!!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures Tiff! Can't wait till That cute baby is born!

Lily said...

Awwww, congratulations!!! That's so exciting! :-D

And I'm SO GLAD you got a new computer! Yay for (potentially!) more posts! ;-)

Miss you all, and love seeing pictures of everyone! :-)

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