Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We live!!!

I was laying in bed this morning watching my little son sleep and realized that we haven't posted on the blog in quite a while!  It's been 7 weeks since our little guy was born, and we've been busy with recovering, adjusting to having two children, traveling and being sick.  Lilyana, Jessica and I caught the dreaded flu.  Thanks to a loving husband, homeopathics, oils and LOTS of water, I was only down for 24 hours.  Poor Lilyana was sick for over a week and her runny nose still lingers.  Big sister germs found little brother and Tristan is a little congested, but Ben managed to make it through the plague just fine!  Jessica came home with us and she's in the same boat as Lilyana, only she is still pretty congested.  So we've been laying low for longer than we wanted to and now we're all itching to get out!  

We were very happy to make the trip back East to see my family and have a belated Christmas with them.  Our trip was shorter than we had originally planned due to the baby's birth, but we had a grand time.  Hopefully the photos I picked will show the highlights of our trip and what we were up to right after we got home.  I'll get our Hector Christmas/Super Bowl weekend pictures downloaded soon...

Not his first ride in the car seat, but his first big trip!  He was a fantastic flyer...slept the entire flight!!!

Our little world traveler waiting for the plane...she's an expert and loves take-off, landing and turbulence!

Okay, admit it...we have the best stroller out there!  Two kiddos, three duffle bags, a diaper bag, computer bag, my big leather bag, and the car seat.  Pretty cool, huh?  You're jealous, I know. *grin*

 The ever growing McDonald Clan!  And no, that isn't a fake back-drop, and yes, it was freezing.

 Grandmommy time!

 Auntie Jill made the adorable hat Lilyana is showing off.

 Our sweet Little Man.  Look at those wrinkles on his brow!!!  So cute!!!

Little treasures in the laundry basket.

It was so sweet to have my dad baptize our son.  He also baptized Lilyana on our first anniversary.
 Sleepy baby.

 Sleepy baby puts other people to sleep, too!

 Adorable, precious baby sporting another Jill Diane creation!

Jess and I at my favorite bakery in Peoria.  The place where we got our lovely wedding cake.

My darling sister, Abigail.  It's so weird to have children of my own when I remember Abigail as a baby!  Wasn't that just yesterday?

The girls loved having another little girl in the house to dress up.
 The guys put in a new floor for mom.  The bathroom looks so lovely now!!

More sleepy boys.

 It's a PJ morning!

 Uncle Bubby is so good with the kiddos!  He's going to be a good father someday.

William and Lilyana were best friends!  Cars, trains, books, oh my!  Wish we lived closer!

 Grandpoppy and the little lady.

 This makes me happy.

*love*  Oh, I can't wait to get this one framed!

Once we were back home in the warm California sunshine, we headed over to the coast to soak up the rays...well, sort of.  It wasn't that warm...definitely not warm enough for me to get in the water! :P

 Sisters....and Ben photo bombing our picture.

Ben and Lilyana are always willing to brave the cold water.

 Okay, does it get any cuter?!?!?

Good friends!

After a fun weekend on the coast, we started settling down back home.  Granddad and Grandmum were in the valley so we met them for sushi!  YUM!

 Out in the lovely sunshine for new pictures and the little man is all smiles!

Now so serious, but oh-so-precious!
He's growing so fast!  Already up to 18 pounds!  It won't be long before he weighs more than Lilyana!

 Jess and her little Zorro.

 Aunties are fun!

My darling little girl, sweeter than ever!


 Brother-sister love.  Check out those fishie lips!

 Oh how I love my babies!
It's always nice when there is somebody else around to take pictures!

So, that's sort of what we've been up to recently.  Not very many pictures from our sick week, but as I said at the beginning, I'll get the Hector Christmas/Super Bowl Sunday pictures downloaded soon!

Now, off to get some much needed sleep.  Tristan is snoozing, so I should get some beauty rest while I can!


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