Monday, April 25, 2011

"Children, you are very little..."

As I sit here in the living room listening to my little one sigh in her sleep, I still can't believe that she's mine. No, not even after she kept Ben and I awake for most of last night. We finally put a warm washcloth with some Roman Chamomile essential oils on her tummy (at 5:00 this morning!) and she settled down and went to sleep...we should have tried that earlier! Maybe we'll try that before her bedtime tonight...

Anyhoo, the request for more pictures has been fulfilled! More to come, so check back soon!

A sleeping angel.

I love how her little hand wraps around my finger when I offer it to her.

"Okay, enough pictures! I'm cold!"
My little girl takes after me and hates to be cold. Her expression after her bath was just too funny not to photograph, though.

All clean and ready for a weekend up at Grandmum and Grandad's ranch.

Check out those curls!

Okay, so I really like her little hands!

"Working" with Daddy so Mommy can take a shower.

My adorable husband after his surgery. He probably doesn't remember me taking this photo. He was kind of out of it...
Nope, no baby in this picture, but this guy is cute, too.

Our little family on Easter Sunday.

Now, back to embroidering Brati's christening gown...
Come back soon for more pictures!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't blink...

Wow...I can't believe that one week ago today, my little one, Shapirti (Assyrian for "my beautiful " and my nickname for her) was born. It's been a long week for our little family...lots of new things to learn, to enjoy, and to experience together. I thought y'all might enjoy a few recent pictures...

Nap time with Mama. She's such a cozy little thing!

We had to run out the other night, which ended up being quite the ordeal! Ben realized that we hadn't taken the car seat out of the box yet, I realized that nursing the baby before we left the house would be a good idea, and once we were all finally in the car and pulling out of the driveway, I had another realization...diapers and wipes would be a good thing to take with us! We did make it to our destination and home again without any further mishap.

My...what big eyes you have!

The tail end of a yawn. Her yawns are big enough to be contagious and make me tired!

*sigh* Little fingers...

...and little feet. They don't stay small forever.

Wrapped up in a cozy blanket and catching sleep whenever possible.

A friend of ours made this adorable little hat for, it doesn't match her outfit. Yes, it totally clashes with Ben's shirt, but she is SO cute in it!

A typical expression after she's done eating. Full, happy, and extremely drowsy.

Uncle Tom had to come back down the hill to hold her. After getting unsuccessful results from his many attempts to wake her up, he gave up. Maybe next time he can see her eyes!

And this is one of my favorites, so far. Morning time with Daddy. These two are just too cute together.

Check back to see more later!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Introducing: Gus, Shapirti, Elphaba, Hermina, Brati, Yzma......

Yes, for a baby so new, she has gathered a lot of names! None of them are her "Christian" name, as that is still a secret until the baptism. But until then, any of the above will work! 

Now that Mom/Grandma/Amazing Helper has deserted us to take care of her own children, things have been busy!  Between keeping a wife fed and watered, keeping the house clean, and trying to get back on top of work (yes, these two cost a bit to keep alive!), I am a little swamped, so short captions this time! 


On Saturday, we went to see the national touring of Fiddler on the Roof, which was passing through town. No reason to have contractions at home, when you can have them in a posh theater!  

Grammatic sentence structure weren't not they're strong suit...

A cupcake for dessert!

 Then back to battle. Tiff's view, for 19 hours. 

 A new view...all that work paid off!

The whole family, together at last!

 Doula Jacque. She was a lifesaver! Favorite quote from her: "Relax your body, let your cheeks sink into the bed, let your knees melt into the mattress...."

Having a baby is no reason not to have style. Co-ordinate your toes with the blankets!

Midwife Dawn, checking the temperature. 

Pink and healthy. 

"She weighs what?!!??!" 8lbs 4oz, and 21 inches long. Yikes!

Uncle Nic.... 

"Leave me alone!" She sleeps like her daddy. 

Resting, peacefully. 

Reading time!  We started reading "The Thirty-Nine Steps" before she was born, and we're pretty sure she wants to hear the end.

Eat, sleep, repeat...until further notice. 

Daddy working, while baby watches. 

 Yema oo brata shapirta evat. ("Mother and daughter are beautiful", in Assyrian!)

She has a tongue! A cute tongue!

"Come back and see more pictures of me, soon!" ~ Gus, Shapirti, Elphaba, Hermina, Brati, Yzma

She's here!....

**grin** More pictures soon....