Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A busy homeless life....

Have you, or anyone in your family ever said, "It will be less busy when we are done with ____." Fill in the blank with whatever you happen to be busy with at the particular moment. I'll bet my good name, my car, and a nickel that someone in your family has. (On the off chance you were wondering, the last item in that list probably has the most value!) Well, the New Hectors are no different, and we figured that everything would calm down after the whirlwind of the wedding was a matter of the past. HA! Ah well, the delusions of an optimistic mind is probably the only thing that keeps me from consuming a case of Oreos, the odd pound cake, and a gallon plus a third (cannot get greedy!) of ice cream a night. Nothing like some good ol' fashioned sugar to ease the troubled mind. **eyes glaze over**

Now that I am done daydreaming, back to business. Here is a look at what has replaced "wedding" in the blank....

One of the immediate benefits of being married is that the level of culinary excellence immediately triples, at a minimum. Tiffany is sure no minimum! Garlic mashed potatoes, lightly blanched asparagus, and lemon garlic chicken. Feel free to wipe the drool from your keyboard, now.

Another event was my 25th birthday. My wife continues to delight in pointing out that I am a year older than she is. My very detailed explanations about the fact that the number of days between our birthdays not changing have had about as much impact as a pea-shooter on a Panzer, but I keep trying! We went out for dinner with Grandma to a great little Italian place. Dessert was served, and "sadly" they forgot to sing to me. How will I ever carry on?

Anthony bestowed upon the happily married couple his gift, which he waited until we were back home to unveil. It was a hand knit blanket, big enough for two, which he has been busily working on for the last couple of months. The color scheme is delightful, which you cannot see well, because the photo is dark.....

As tired as I am of house hunting, I will try to maintain a positive tone for these next few photos. Actually, it is not as bad as all that, but they do start running together. "Honey, did the one with the ugly carpet have the fireplace, or was that the one with the built in cabinets in the dining room?" is met with a "No, that was the one with the tiny backyard. The one with no windows had the fireplace." See what I mean? The place above was cute, but it was a bit pricey, had an electric stove, and the master bedroom was PINK!

This place was one of my favorite, if it had only been a little bit larger! It seems that the builder really loved the kitchen, which was an admirable trait; but he took it a little far. Every room in the house had a door into the kitchen, the livingroom, the laundryroom, the bathroom, and even the bedroom could directly access the kitchen without walking through any other room. This seemed a sign of genius to me, but Tiff disagreed. Oh, and it had a mulberry tree!

House hunting can give you an appetite. A staple in California diet is what we affectionately call "roach coaches". This just happens to be the best one in the state. Tiffany admitted that the tacos were good, but that the atmosphere could use some work. Personally, I think the freaky bald guy who was the "security guard" added to the charm! As did the pirated CDs he was selling on the side, to various patrons. No, we did not further his nefarious practices by purchasing one!

There are times when the man of the house has to work. During that time, it must be remembered that the woman of the house currently has no house, so her duties are quite light. Remember that saying about idle hands being the Devil's tool? Well, maybe it rings true..... My family dragging her around to all the local stores does not help matters any!

Thomas found a mask that was to his liking. Captain Jack had nothing like this!

"These boots were made for walking, and walkings what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you..." Yes, lets try to avoid that, shall we?

There is nothing like a bright shiny object to attract the eye. Now we just need the bank account to match our tastes. Or it looks like Tiff might just drive off with this one....

Saturdays are a time to rest, relax, and if you are up to it, go yard saling. For those of you who were not aware, that is a verb, the present tense of FUN! Nic was staying with Grandma to take care of a bit of yardwork, so he came along. You never know what you are going to find lying around some estate sale. Now, do you think the deceased was bald?

Along that same line of reasoning, never knowing what you will find, ethnic dress occasionally shows up. This particular piece had a very delightful shimmery gold thread. Grandma got it as a gift for her sister, but it needed to be thoroughly broken in before she was gifted with it; so, I wore it to the rest of the yard sales we went to that day. Tiffany thought it was weird, but by the end she seemed to accept the bold fashion statement. They still wouldn't let me wear it into the restaurant for lunch, all I got when I asked was a laugh, and a firm "NO!" from the three of them. Just wait and see who will be laughing when Zac Efron starts copying me!

That is what has now filled in our "blank". Work, looking for houses, more work, occasionally sleeping, then more looking for houses. Homelessness has not been all that bad, but do be praying that we find something before we have to switch our search from houses to nursing homes!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Great Beginning...

"Honeymoons don't last forever." But I think sometimes we wish they would.....

After talking with many people who had been on honeymoons, often to far off places (sounds good), and spending lots of money (sounds not so good), feeling rushed to see the sights (really not sounding good), we decided to come back to California where we could save our hard earned money for a time where we would enjoy dashing off to see one amazing place after another. This trip was for being together!

Illinois to California is a bit far to walk, which meant a plane ride! Mumsie and Pops plus the gang dropped us off at the loverly O'Hare airport in the RV, where we boarded a tram to get to the terminal:

Thankfully, they had helpful signs for us ignorant travelers!

Our plane landed in San Jose, and our personal mode of transportation was in Modesto. For those of you unfamiliar with the geographic specifics of the Great State of California, those two cities are not all that near to each other. If you cannot take a plane, what is the next best form of transportation? That is true, but sadly, there are no camels in California; so we had to take the next, next best form of transportation, a train!

Hopping aboard a Great Iron Horse, we left the Bay Area, heading for the Central Valley! Gorgeous views abounded during the ride. Thank you to the Bunney family for picking us up at the station!

Driving towards the California Coast takes you through the orchards of California, and we just had to sample the fine produce. Guess what fruit is in season!

Being a passenger is hard work, which sometimes calls for a nap....

Beautiful vistas abounded as we made our way North on the majestic curvilineal Highway 1. Tiffany snapped this picture. She wouldn't let me drive and shoot at the same time....

Really, the ground is level here! God was merciful to us regarding the weather; whenever we wanted to be outside, it was sunny and warm, and while we were driving, it would get cloudy and rain. At the beach, it was nice and warm!

Making up for the warm sun, the water, in typical California fashion, was painfully cold!

Temporary graffiti, much like temporary tattoos do not have the same cultural stigmas as their more permanent cousins.

Crashing waves! It is interesting how you can sit and watch the waves, thinking that they come in and go out, over, and over, whether anyone is watching or not. The power and majesty, giving glory to their Creator, audience or no. A mere word from Him and the waves would be stilled, and the sea as smooth as glass.....

According to that sign, someone either died, was buried, or both, on that particular location. Nothing like a haunted cove to build romantic atmosphere!

The Olympic long jump should be held here! The landing is a bit rough, but I would still give it a 10!

There is one downside about the romantic atmosphere found at an abandoned beach, a distinct lack of people to take a picture of you! Long arms and a bit of patience is a good stand-in.

Wedded bliss and relaxation.....

"Why did you go up there to die? I didn't, I went up there to live!"

There are lots of cute shops in a little town called Ferndale, CA. One of the best is the hat room! Do you think Audrey Hepburn would have worn this hat?

Eat your heart out, Aretha Franklin!

This is the Victorian Inn, one of the many Bed & Breakfasts we found lodging in along the way. It used to have a steeple-ish addition in the very front, but that fell off during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Whoever said, "Everything's bigger in Texas" obviously missed the Redwoods on the North Coast. See that little midget standing at the base? Well, that is me! (No, I did not suddenly become a midget!)

A sunset shot to close a post which gave you a small taste of one of the most relaxing weeks... No, I misspeak, the MOST relaxing week in this young man's life. An entire trip doing nothing but enjoying the company of the most important, wonderful, delightful, beautiful companion on the entire planet. It is going to be hard to top that one.......


Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Sworn to remain in an...

...excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do us part."
They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If that is true, an even longer journey begins with two words: "I do." With a simple exchanging of rings, repeating of vows, and waltzing down the isle, the pledging of a lifetime together has begun. It is always more fun to perform with an audience, regardless of how small, hence this blog.

To our friends, welcome, to our family, we love you, and to everyone else, enjoy this glimpse of two people Living A Simple Renaissance. (Honeymoon photos to follow!!!)