Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A busy homeless life....

Have you, or anyone in your family ever said, "It will be less busy when we are done with ____." Fill in the blank with whatever you happen to be busy with at the particular moment. I'll bet my good name, my car, and a nickel that someone in your family has. (On the off chance you were wondering, the last item in that list probably has the most value!) Well, the New Hectors are no different, and we figured that everything would calm down after the whirlwind of the wedding was a matter of the past. HA! Ah well, the delusions of an optimistic mind is probably the only thing that keeps me from consuming a case of Oreos, the odd pound cake, and a gallon plus a third (cannot get greedy!) of ice cream a night. Nothing like some good ol' fashioned sugar to ease the troubled mind. **eyes glaze over**

Now that I am done daydreaming, back to business. Here is a look at what has replaced "wedding" in the blank....

One of the immediate benefits of being married is that the level of culinary excellence immediately triples, at a minimum. Tiffany is sure no minimum! Garlic mashed potatoes, lightly blanched asparagus, and lemon garlic chicken. Feel free to wipe the drool from your keyboard, now.

Another event was my 25th birthday. My wife continues to delight in pointing out that I am a year older than she is. My very detailed explanations about the fact that the number of days between our birthdays not changing have had about as much impact as a pea-shooter on a Panzer, but I keep trying! We went out for dinner with Grandma to a great little Italian place. Dessert was served, and "sadly" they forgot to sing to me. How will I ever carry on?

Anthony bestowed upon the happily married couple his gift, which he waited until we were back home to unveil. It was a hand knit blanket, big enough for two, which he has been busily working on for the last couple of months. The color scheme is delightful, which you cannot see well, because the photo is dark.....

As tired as I am of house hunting, I will try to maintain a positive tone for these next few photos. Actually, it is not as bad as all that, but they do start running together. "Honey, did the one with the ugly carpet have the fireplace, or was that the one with the built in cabinets in the dining room?" is met with a "No, that was the one with the tiny backyard. The one with no windows had the fireplace." See what I mean? The place above was cute, but it was a bit pricey, had an electric stove, and the master bedroom was PINK!

This place was one of my favorite, if it had only been a little bit larger! It seems that the builder really loved the kitchen, which was an admirable trait; but he took it a little far. Every room in the house had a door into the kitchen, the livingroom, the laundryroom, the bathroom, and even the bedroom could directly access the kitchen without walking through any other room. This seemed a sign of genius to me, but Tiff disagreed. Oh, and it had a mulberry tree!

House hunting can give you an appetite. A staple in California diet is what we affectionately call "roach coaches". This just happens to be the best one in the state. Tiffany admitted that the tacos were good, but that the atmosphere could use some work. Personally, I think the freaky bald guy who was the "security guard" added to the charm! As did the pirated CDs he was selling on the side, to various patrons. No, we did not further his nefarious practices by purchasing one!

There are times when the man of the house has to work. During that time, it must be remembered that the woman of the house currently has no house, so her duties are quite light. Remember that saying about idle hands being the Devil's tool? Well, maybe it rings true..... My family dragging her around to all the local stores does not help matters any!

Thomas found a mask that was to his liking. Captain Jack had nothing like this!

"These boots were made for walking, and walkings what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you..." Yes, lets try to avoid that, shall we?

There is nothing like a bright shiny object to attract the eye. Now we just need the bank account to match our tastes. Or it looks like Tiff might just drive off with this one....

Saturdays are a time to rest, relax, and if you are up to it, go yard saling. For those of you who were not aware, that is a verb, the present tense of FUN! Nic was staying with Grandma to take care of a bit of yardwork, so he came along. You never know what you are going to find lying around some estate sale. Now, do you think the deceased was bald?

Along that same line of reasoning, never knowing what you will find, ethnic dress occasionally shows up. This particular piece had a very delightful shimmery gold thread. Grandma got it as a gift for her sister, but it needed to be thoroughly broken in before she was gifted with it; so, I wore it to the rest of the yard sales we went to that day. Tiffany thought it was weird, but by the end she seemed to accept the bold fashion statement. They still wouldn't let me wear it into the restaurant for lunch, all I got when I asked was a laugh, and a firm "NO!" from the three of them. Just wait and see who will be laughing when Zac Efron starts copying me!

That is what has now filled in our "blank". Work, looking for houses, more work, occasionally sleeping, then more looking for houses. Homelessness has not been all that bad, but do be praying that we find something before we have to switch our search from houses to nursing homes!


Abigail said...

I've been waiting for a post! I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I want to follow you but you don't have a "follow" on your sidebar. Anyway, hope you find a house soon! I love and miss you!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sorry, you are having to suffer with 'homelessness.' :)

Sounds like married life suits you both and that you are off to a great start!

Red said...

lol! I loved it when people would say that everything would seattle down after the wedding. I laugh now.....my life has been busy with a home, cooking, my pets and looking for a job! Although there have been some things that i was not ready for.....like cooking for just 2 PEOPLE, cleaning an apartment that only takes me 30 minutes and laundry i can get done in 1 DAY!
I miss you guys and can't wait read more posts.

Fletch said...

Love the pics Ben...now I'm forced to go to the taco truck for tacos and Coke in a bottle! (FYI Jessicas #2 is equally as good!).

Anonymous said...

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hector,

Well, it looks as if you both are having a "dandy ole' time" looking for houses, eating at "roach coaches," and other such things. :) Actually, you should be enjoying the "freedom" while you can because once you get a house, that's when the "real married work starts." :)

But seriously, I do hope that you find a home soon. My husband and I did house searching last year, and I know that can be quite trying on the most patient person's nerves.

At any rate, I enjoyed the pictures, and I think your new blog looks lovely.

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

Stacy McDonald said...

Love the photos, miss the garlic chicken, can't wait to show Jessica her taqueria, votes for Nick's new "do," and LOVE Ben's snazzy new jacket!



kymk99 said...

Remember that pink bedrooms can be repainted rather easily. Sometimes the cosmetic things need to be overlooked. :o)

Really enjoyed reading about your adventures! Looking forward to reading more soon...

Mrs. Reynolds :o)

Beth said...

Tiffany and Ben,
I feel a bit sheepish writing this comment because I have been following both of your blogs for quite some time, but I have never introduced myself. Being a young wife myself I find much enjoyment in seeing the Lord work through your courtship and now in your marriage! God bless you both!
Beth from WA

Simply Tiffany said...


*laughs* I'm sorry! We will try to post on a more regular basis. :) I miss you too!!! Once we get our own house, maybe we can start writing letters to each other! Would you like that? Ah...we'll add the "follow" thing for you! Love you to the moon and back! <3

Mrs. Rabe,

It looks like our nomad life will be coming to a close soon! Yes, we are enjoying married life. :)


*laughing* Some days are quiet and I don't have much to do (I almost read an entire book the other day!), and I'm looking forward to getting into our own place and being busy with house stuff. Oh boy! Cooking for 2 PEOPLE hasn't been very easy! The first meal I cooked would've fed 6! :D I'll learn...

Dr. Fletch,

Those tacos were pretty good! Jessica's #2 is the one with seafood, right?


We certainly are! Life has been full and exciting for us. This past month has had many surprises for us, but we seem to be adjusting to our new life. One month of "freedom" has been more than enough, I think...I'm ready to get unpacked and be surrounded by my own things now!

If things go as planned, we may be in our own home very soon! Glad you enjoy our ramblings. :)


*laughing* The new "do" has been washed and looks perky now. The curls are softer...and I forgot to show it to Nic yesterday! Oh well... I can't wait to take Jess to her taqueria!

Oh no! If Ben sees your comment, he may try to find that coat again!! ;)

Love you!!

Mrs. Reynolds,

You are very right...and I'm hoping to get some painting done when we settle. I have some ideas running through my head... :)

Life is never dull around here!


Thanks for commenting! We love to hear from our readers! I'm very glad you've enjoyed our past blogs and have followed us over here. I know that I love to be encouraged, or even amused by others who are in similar situations. The Lord has been so good to us, and we hope that our musings can bless others.

Thanks, and welcome! :)

Anthony said...

Loved all of the pictures, and that dinner looks to die for. It is so much fun spending time with the both of you.
Love you both and cannot wait for the next post.


jAne said...

. . . peeking out from 'lurk status' to say "blessings upon your marriage!"

modesto. hm. that would be a stone's throw from where my feet step.


thector87 said...

Ben, are you sure grandma didn't find that outfit in Ken's closet in the Dream House? It looks vaguely familiar...

Ashton said...

By the look of that last picture, one must truly wonder what kind of "nursing home" you mean in your last sentence... *grin*

Only a little over a week before CA enters our sights!! :D

Dana said...

So I had to come back and see the picture with Tiffany "driving" the little blue car; the day we all went a little mental. Funny. There sits my big Ol' grey suburban in the background.:)

Kathryn Grace said...

Tiffany! I just heard your wonderful news (via my mom who heard it via Facebook :-). Congratulations!!! I see you haven't posted anything yet, so if I am giving it away please feel free to delete my comment, but I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you (and Ben though he has no idea who I am :-).

Abigail said...

Love you to the moon and back too! Even farther than that! <3 miss you tons! ~Abby

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