Saturday, May 25, 2013

Returning to our Simple Renaissance....

Ben and I were sitting outside the other day and had a sudden revelation.

Since the baby was born, the time that we have spent being out of town or having a sibling staying at our house is more than the time that we have actually been home. Alone. Or rather, just the four of us. 


No wonder we feel like we haven't quite adjusted to having two kids!  Or maybe it just takes longer to adjust to another little one.  Especially when the new little one is so very different than the first little one. 

  We have so much fun with our kiddos, even if they keep us on our toes and keep us up at night.  Each day brings new experiences for both of them, and there is nothing quite like watching your very own children discovering the world around them with such delight.

Lilyana's vocabulary is very impressive.  She loves to count (almost to ten, now!), "read" to herself and to Zorro, draw, play outside, trip because she's moving much too quickly, and help me make cookies.  Zorro is trying ever so hard to crawl so that he can keep up with his big sister. He has grown SO fast! He is currently bigger than Lilyana was when she turned one. Crazy. He LOVES LOVES LOVES kisses, and books, and Lilyana, and his daddy, and to eat, and just being with people. We have fun children. And, we think, very cute ones.  See...

 Lilyana still loves good food!  Zorro is dying to eat some real food. We keep reminding him that his soft boiled eggs yolks are just the beginning of goodness.

Welcome to Treasure Island!!!
 Yes, I know the coloring us funky...the settings were set to incandescent, so I figured I'd make it look really funky. The picture was too cute not to upload. 


 And the great city. Maybe, some day, it will actually be very warm when we go there...

Okay, now tell me that she isn't cute?

A sleepy guy. We hope that one day soon he will sleep like this at 3:30 am....

 My little curly top.

He's such a smiley little guy!

Lilyana loves the zoo.

 Lilyana loves this picture. When she sees it, she says "Two! Two babies!!!"

 "How do you do?"

 A trip to Grandad's firehouse is always so fun!

See? We even find the crazy people they pick up!
Sorry, Kathryn (a.k.a. Nina, or Nonny depending on Lilyana's mood)...couldn't resist. :P

 So he likes turbans!

So did his sister. *grin*

 Can't touch this...

 And Melissa came to visit!!!  We got her for two weeks before we had to return her...I don't think that Garr would've been very happy if we kept her. *grin*

 The dinner party. The elephant was a good friend...the sign outside said no dogs, but they didn't say anything about elephants.

 And more crazies. 

 Grocery shopping!  One most always be prepared for a long road trip.  We were seriously crazy and drove out for Melissa's wedding with two kids. It was fun! Except for almost dying in the freak snow storm, getting stuck in the middle of Wyoming, barely making it to the rehearsal, etc.....  But the kids were so good!

 And when we arrived, William and Emma offered to wash our car!  How sweet!

 Mimi got to meet her great-grandchildren! 

 What? We don't know why we have markings either...
Impossible Astronaut Day.
Okay, so we're Doctor Who fans.

 Our new with Caleb!

 We had a spa party with the girls (oh, and William!) was SUPER fun!

 Back home, Zorro trying so hard to get his entire fist in his mouth.

He is always so interested in what is going on around him.

Food!  Oh, we do love food!

Lilyana at 5 Months.

       Zorro at 5 Months.              
Aren't they SO CUTE?!?!

Dapper little chap.

Sweet baby girl.

Three years of sweet wedded bliss...
Everyday gets so much better.
Everyday I fall deeper and deeper in love.

And so I leave you with a sneak peek of our next post...
While Melissa was here, I had the great privilege of making her wedding gown...and, of course, we went downtown to take photographs, it was so fun...but more on that later!


Tiffany for BTLT