Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy....

 My computer died last month, and as life has been rather crazy here (yes, more than normal!!!), I haven't been able to put up a blog post! I have thought about it every day (true statement!!!!), but without a computer and no place to download/upload pictures, blog posts are hard to come by!  

As we continue our search for the best replacement (most likely a tablet), my BIL has so kindly let me borrow his computer! Thanks Thomas!! 

Some of you may have heard, and others maybe not...but...


We are so excited about it, and absolutely LOVE it!  We get warm fuzzy feelings when we pull up in the driveway, and are very much enjoying home ownership.  Lilyana loves having stairs, Tristan is happy to have his own room, Ben enjoys having two bathrooms (he still hasn't figured out why it takes girls so long to get ready in the morning...), and I am LOVING, LOVING, LOVING my HUGE kitchen and MUCH roomier house.  Not to mention the manicured yard, white picket fence and all of the charm that our house has. :D

More pictures to come later, but here are two adorable children showing just how happy they are...
 Lilyana chillin' on the front porch.

My stinkin' cute son (check out that drool!!!), relaxing in the backyard.

Moving was crazy, tiring, and not as easy with two little ones underfoot, but we made it and got unpacked and settled in just 3 days!  We couldn't have done it without Mumsie and the aunts and uncles...y'all were awesome, and we love you!