Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Living in the little moments

Our pastor has been encouraging us to not live life going from big moment to big moment, thereby missing out on so many special times during the small moments of life.  Maybe Ben and I are just plain weird (okay, so yes, we are...), but we both love living in all of the small moments...with occasional big moments interrupting our easy going, laid back (albeit busy) schedule.  Deciding to hit the coast on a Friday evening, spending 2 1/2 hours on a nice warm Saturday afternoon laying in the backyard with giant pillows and books, cooking together, taking classes together, and just being a family are some of our favorite times.  This post has both big and the small moments from our lives...all of which were very fun and full of good memories...

 Of course, big and small moments are only complete with good food!!!  Thomas and Lindsey introduced us to an amazing Italian place in Sac.  Since they've been to Italy, we trust them when they say that this is authentic Italian!  Now, I'm really not a huge pizza fan...too greasy, not enough variation, etc...BUT this place knows how to make pizza!!  Behold, a thin, but gooey-chewy crust, prosciutto ham, spinach, baby bellas and a light dusting of fresh mozzarella...*mouth waters* Great...now I want some more pizza...

 Aunt Lindsey enjoying her food.  Salad + Pizza + Good company = FUN.

 Uncle Thomas trying to figure out how many Italians actually play on the Italian soccer team.

 Ahh!!!  Dessert...  The same dough as you get on the pizza, but this is filled with mascarpone cheese, chocolate and hazelnuts...then rolled and baked until it's just done...hot, gooey, chocolatey goodness...  *whispers* We ate two of them...next time we'll order three...

 After dinner, we met up with the rest of the family (they went to their favorite Sushi place in Sac) and we headed off to see Pirates of Penzance! 

 The show was AMAZING!!!  It was so fun, the characters were very well played (actually, the girl in purple second from the left was Broadway worthy...she was incredible!), orchestra fantastic, and we had goooood seats!  Even Lilyana made it mostly through the first act!  She LOVED the music and danced along. :)  Grandad took her out to get some sleep after that.

 Ben wanted to make my birthday extra special, so he took me to my all-time-very-favorite bakery in town. It's a small local place, and very popular.  We love to sit and watch the ladies work miracles with frosting.  Their cherry turnovers are soooooo melt-in-your-mouth good...I get the same thing every time we go there.  This time was extra special, though, because we weren't in a hurry, so we actually sat down to enjoy breakfast and coffee.

Even baby had fun sitting in her seat gumming her apple.  One day she will enjoy pastries with us.

 Her second tooth finally cut through, so her mood has greatly improved!  However, she seems to be extra tired these days, which keeps her from spending much time on the floor.  

 Red ball goodness.  She gets excited when she see this toy and exclaims "Ba! Ba!"  So, I'm not sure if she's trying to say "ball" or not...

 My very thoughtful baby.  I can't wait until she can talk so that I can figure out what goes on in that cute little head of hers.

 Sweet smiles.


 While we were out on the coast, we discovered a mushroom farm!  Ben was tickled pink...he loves mushrooms.  We stopped in and bought a few pounds of mushrooms so that Ben could fulfill his dream and make cream of mushroom soup.  So, for my birthday dinner, he served Smoked Salmon and Cherve cheese with toasted french bread and Pinot Noir, followed by a salad and soup...it was very good...and he did the cream decor himself! 

*cough* He still owes me a cake....

 Lilyana loves to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking.  Aren't her eyes just sooo blue!  They are almost as blue as the Tardis behind her!

 Every good recipe beings with butter...lots of butter.

 As you can see by the slobbery kiss she is planing on the baby's cheek, Lilyana also loves her baby.  
She gets excited whenever she sees her baby...baby naps with her, plays with her and now she sits in the kitchen, too!  

 No, she isn't pushing her baby off of the table...she's trying to hug her baby but hasn't quite figured out how to be gentle. :)

 "Smile for the camera, baby...come on...say cheese!"

 Okay, one more...she's just so cute that I have to share pictures of her!

 Butter and lemon zest...must be a very good recipe...

 The finished product...Lemon Cream Cupcakes.

 Ben and Lilyana were starring in a new upcoming version of The Wizard of Oz, so we spent a day at Schreds.  Having Maggie and Erin up from L.A. was a treat, too!
After most of the shooting was done, Eva and Maggie played a card game...

 ...Rachie, the salad girl, spun some lettuce...

 ...Lilyana, the adorable Lilykin (from the land of Lilykins in the movie), was as adorable as ever...

...and Momma Schroeder and Erin made lasagna noodles.

 Wine tasting and dinner with Schreds is always oodles of fun!

On Friday, Ben only worked half of the day, so we went "downtown" to go to the bank, the post office and to take a nice stroll.  I took Ben by my favorite "old world" feeling coffee shop so he could see it, and they were advertising that they were now serving dinner!  We looked over the menu while we went for our stroll and then came back for a bite.  Oh, and they have really good water...

 BLT, again.
I love their patio area...next time we go, I'll get a better picture of it.  

Mmmm...Mahi Tacos...

La Mo...and I have no idea what that means.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where life isn't always glamorous...

Lilyana is cutting teeth.

When she isn't sleeping, she chews on everything, is randomly fussy for a minute or two, doesn't want to be alone, wants to cuddle all day, and is constantly famished.  One tooth has already cut through the gum, but the one right next to it isn't being very nice...up and down and down and up it goes, making her miserable.

  When she's being held, she's usually happy and content...but when she's being held all day I don't get things done.  Dinner still needs to be prepared, diapers still need to be washed (the other laundry can wait for a day or two, but cloth diapers not so much...), life must go on.  So Lilyana gets cuddled and then she has her "happy pills", or essential oils and then it's tummy time.  

So we haven't really done much, and the camera hasn't been out as much as it usually is.  So, this post will be shorter than normal...however, there are still more pictures of Lilyana than there are of anybody else...that's a good thing, right?

 Flowering Kale is just as beautiful as a huge bouquet of flowers, right?!?  

 The 7th was the birthday of the great author Charles Dickens.  In his honor, we dressed up for dinner and then crashed on the couch to watch another installment of Bleak House.

 To celebrate our anniversary (from last year...yeah, we know...it's almost been two years now...), we went to see Sleeping Beauty.  We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, you know, the kind that you can't afford to eat at all of the time, and then it was off to the Gallo!  Beautiful production.

 It was our first date without the baby...strange, but fun!

 As I mentioned above, Lilyana gets cuddled a lot these days...  Late PJ days (we're both still in our PJ's *grin*), with a huge stack of books...she loves to read.

 Now, when she sees the camera, she is ALL SMILES!!!  
Sorry for the blurriness of the following pictures...she wanted to attack the camera.

 But Canon's fire back.

 "NO WAY, MOM!!!!!"


 Her face when I showed her the pictures I had just taken.

 For Valentine's Day we had a Roasted Lemon Chicken with a Rice Pilaf and Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach.  Baby was jealous.

 She loves her little rocker and we love her little rocker because she can't get the toys on the front off and throw them on the floor...SCORE!

 Ben and I made sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  They were gooooood!

 He loves his lips!

 Some of the finished beauties.

 Last night we had some Mediterranean food...YUM!  Flat bread, herbs, veggies, sliced grilled steak and leftover rice pilaf...  I love food.

 Beware of falling knives.

 Lilyana really likes her stack-able wooden rings.  She knows how to take them off, and she knows that they go back on, but she hasn't quite figured out how to put them back on.
 Ooh!  Ooh!  Another one!

 Nope, she likes the yellow one best.

A sweet baby.  And she really is sweet.  And fun.  And cute.  And loveable.  And squeezeable.  And kissable....

And I'll leave you with a picture of the beautiful flower that my husband brought me on Valentine's Day.  He remembered my favorite flower... :)