Thursday, February 2, 2012

Be prepared...

Being prepared is always a good never knows what is just around the corner, so it's always best to be prepared for the one is to go about doing that is beyond me, but it sounds like good advice, eh?

In this post, however, be prepared for lots of pictures of Lilyana.  She is just too cute, and wherever she is, the camera is there also. *grin*  Since getting back into our own little lives with our crazy big schedule, I haven't had the camera as handy as it should've been.  I even missed a HUGE rainbow the other day because, as I said before, it was napping in the nursery along with the napping baby in the nursery.  

However, I do hope that pictures of our very late Christmas (we celebrated on Saturday...I know...Christmas was last month...but when you have three different Christmases every year, it's hard to fit them all on the same day, same week, or even same month!) and of Lilyana just being cute!

 Ben decided to bake bread one afternoon....and yes, I said afternoon.  He looked so cute sitting in front of the oven watching and waiting.

Time to brush the loaf with some water to get that puuuuuuuuuuuufect crust!

He used Julia Child's recipe and misread the instructions...we were up until 1am finishing the loaf.

 But it was a very good loaf of French Bread...and I mean, reeeeeally good!

 Lilyana is so pleased with that she knows she can get ALL over the house and into EVERYTHING she's always on the lookout for trouble...with a capital T.  (Had to fit a musical reference in here...)  

She loves to army crawl to her toy basked under the coffee table and pull out some goodies.  One of her very favorite toys is her wooden Pooh Bear box.  Full of our favorite characters, it provides many an hour of enjoyment for her!
 Lilyana looking inside for the next victim...

 Oh!  How about this one?

 Mmmmm!  Tasty!

 Okay...ready to move on....

 Which one, which one?

 Hum-dee-dum...they're all gone...

 Pondering the deep things in life.

 She loves to feel things.  She's always feeling the floor when she crawls around, or my sweater...  Her newest discovery is dragging her finger along the wood floor and making it squeak.  That just cracks her up!

We finally got around to celebrating our Christmas!  One of the gifts hadn't arrived, so we decided to wait until it came in...which meant that we listened to Christmas music ALL MONTH!!!  

 Lilyana feeling the sparkles on her present.  I can't believe that we didn't get a picture of her "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament!  We bought her an antique silver baby spoon made in 1911...100 years before she was born.  We thought it was pretty cool!  Now we need to get it engraved!

 We had appetizers for dinner on Christmas Eve...lots of yummy, delicious food! 

 Christmas morning came bright and early!  I was up making cinnamon rolls for breakfast and once Lilyana woke up we sat down with some nice hot tea and opened gifts while the cinnamon rolls were rising.  As you can see, Lilyana is fascinated by the bow on her gift.  What could be better than a paper bow?!?  

Her sheepskin, of course!  Once she got it out, she had completely forgotten about the bow.
Good advertisement picture? *grin*

 Ben opened his gift from "His Girls' and it was wrapped in the Wall Street he started reading the paper...upside-down...

 Judging by the look on his face I say: SCORE!!!!!!!!  An old book that he'd never heard of!  Once we're done reading The Frozen Pirate we're moving onto this one...Khaloola by William Starbuck.  It looks sooooooo good!

 What could be better than a hand-made beeeeautiful leather journal?

 Okay, Filet Mignon, Carrot Souffle and Reduced Spinach in a white wine/cream sauce...yeah, I guess that is better... :)

Our Christmas dinner.  Lilyana was exhausted after a long and fun day...and she wanted to try out her just like old times, it was just the two of us at the dinner table.  

Now...we're off to a Regency tea party/game night on Saturday, so check back for pictures of that! :)

Tiffany for BLT


Jessica McDonald said...

Love all the pictures - like usual!!! And don't worry about posting a LOT of Lilyana, I don't mind. ;-) Though more of you and Ben are always nice too. :D Y'all need to teach that baby how to use the camera. *nods*

And the loaf of bread is BEEEAUUUUTIFUL. I mean, really. It's like...perfectly shaped.

Love y'all!

Anthony said...

You two are such a cute couple!!!!! I loved the pictures of Lilyana and that sheepskin looks so comfy! Christmas dinner really looks good!! Ben, your bread looks like it turned out great! Looks so yummy.:) Have fun at your party, and I await your next post!!!:) Love to the trio.:)

Anton, Esq. to be

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the wooden Pooh box...where did you get it? Classic Pooh and wooden...doesn't really get much better than that! :)

Josiah David said...

Liliyana is so cute with her sheepskin! :)
So, I've been seeing on Amazon a lot of sheepskins advertised for babies to lie on. Is this a trend, or does it help to prevent babies from succumbing to SIDS?

Simply Tiffany said...


*laughs* I didn't think that you would mind pictures of her! There will be LOTS of the two of you in Spain, I'm sure! Hehe...yeah, she has a toy camera, so maybe we'll start with that one!


*grin* Thanks! The sheepskin IS comfy! I want one! Dinner was good, Ben's bread was ah-mazing! See you later!


We love it, too! We picked it up at a yard's it darling?!? She loves it!


She is cute, isn't she? Sheepskin has been used for babies for a long time. They are soft, cozy, and warm. Beyond the fact that they are calming and soothing, I'm not sure why they are so popular. I'm not sure if they are related to preventing SIDS. We bought one for her mostly to keep her warm at night. She likes to kick her blankets off, so we thought that a sheepskin would give her some extra warmth. And it's worked! So, no, I don't think it's a new trend...they're just sooo cool! I want one beside my bed so I can step on that in the morning... *grin*

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