Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the move...

The inevitable has finally happened. Ending an illustrious career as a professional paperweight, the child is now exploring potential jobs in the floor polishing field. Her stomach makes for a perfect cleaning surface, as is shown by the dingy fronts her clothes are all sporting.

Having a hardwood floor has proved quite mentally invigorating for the little munchkin. Like a miniature Mars Rover, she slowly claws her way across the inhospitable surface of the floor, stopping only to examine each and every minute discoloration or ripple that crosses her path, soon losing interest, and moving on to the next fascinating discovery.

Moving backwards has proved more difficult, as was shown by her getting stuck beneath a chair, with no way of escape. It was rather amusing, despite her obvious distress. She was quickly rescued, and returned to her wanderings.

We uploaded a video of her scooting for her teething tablets (or "happy pills", as we call them), which you can enjoy here:

All that scooting has her working up quite an appetite, so we thought we would include a couple of our favorite mealtime pictures. 

Slimy, but satisfying.

"Give me the food, and nobody has to get hurt!!!!"




Thomas and Lindsey said...

That baby needs a cousin.... or a napkin.

Anonymous said...

Chamomilla?! :) Good stuff! We've found that Hyland's Colic Tablets actually work really well for teething too...especially if there's tummy/gas issues bothering them too.

Glad to hear that my children aren't the only ones who have trouble learning how to crawl when our house has only wood floors. Genoa (a couple weeks younger than Lilyana) has found it works best for he to remain in a sitting position with one leg behind and one ahead of her (think splits! :)) and pull herself around with her hands.

JB said...

She is so adorable! I know I'm biased, but she really is. The green guk looks really disgusting, but I know she likes it.
Love you all, Grandmum/Mumsie

Anthony said...

That was amazing baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute!! You must have really worked up an appetite.;) Thanks for sharing!!!! Love to the trio!!!

Anton, Esq. to be

Vanderpolclan said...

We have used Bioron's Camilla liquid for all 9 of our children (our oldest is 15, our youngest 1 yo). I also pair it with Bioron's teething gel.

Our 1yod also scoots on our hardwood floor, but will crawl on carpet.


Mrs.Rabe said...

She is expressive!

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