Tuesday, December 17, 2013

With a great name, comes....greatness?

My goodness!!!  Has it already been a year since my "little guy" was born?!?!  It really doesn't seem like it's been that long, and yet, he is so big and already starting to walk, so I guess it must be true! 

Tristan is such a sweet, adorable and fun little boy!  He may be a HUGE kid (he's already wearing 18-24 month clothing....), but he is such a kind, soft and gentle guy. Super cuddly and affectionate. Makes my heart melt! I know that we haven't been posting on here quite as often as we would like (probably not as often as some of you would like either!!).  This year has been very, very busy for us, and buying a house and settling in has taken much longer than we anticipated!  There is just so much to do!!!  

But it has been a year.  365 days since my sweet baby boy was born, 365 days of getting to know a very different baby than our first, 365 days of fun, exhaustion, learning new things, watching him discover the world around him, and just lots of love!  We all love Tristan...especially Lilyana.  And the sweetest part is...he ADORES her!  

Every morning, when he wakes up, the first thing he wants to know is, "Nana? Eh Nana??" He looks all over for her, knowing full well that she is hiding beneath the covers on our bed waiting for just the right moment to jump out and make him laugh.  They are the best of friends, inseparable, and just downright cute!

I seriously have the cutest kids....and I love them to death.  Even on rough days when they haven't had enough sleep (and neither have I!!), a simple, short cuddle or a kiss from one of my babies makes the day seem brighter....cheerier...and happier. 

Of course, there is nothing quite like a sleeping baby!


And now, in honor of our giant of a son turning ONE, enjoy a TON of pictures of him throughout his first year!  And here's to hoping that I get a computer or tablet in the near future so that I can get back to blogging regularly!!! 

 LOL...check out how orange his skin is!!!  Someone was loving their orange veggies!

 Jam time!

 All boy. He has loved to wrestle and rough house since he was very little.  Lilyana has always hated it. :P

 This is Lilyana's version of fun!

 Sick babies. :(

 Okay, now come on and be honest...isn't this just THE CUTEST picture you have ever seen???!!!
And no, I did not post this...they were just sitting and having a good time!

 Walking practice in the sand...

...but the Mowgli walk was  still easier!

Until recently!!!  Go baby, go!!

 Tristan fell asleep while we were running errands. Lilyana faithfully guarded him from noise, light and whatever else might harm him. Nothing has changed since picture number four!!

 Shopping cart buddies. 


 Still loving the orange veggies....

My book lovers. 

And one last picture of my boy. 
Happy 1st Birthday, Tristan!  
We love you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!