Friday, September 13, 2013

Deep in the Heart of....Crazy!

Ben and I have been in crazy planning mode ever since we moved into our new house. As of yet, we still don't have pictures hung up on the walls, a very sad realization for me...the photographer of the family. Most of our house is set up, and although a few rooms are lacking in furniture, the house looks lovely and cozy, and we love it very much.

So, even though our house-setting-up-mode has been put on a little bit of a hold (and that means our house-warming party that I'm dying to have is also on the back burner), we're still very, very busy planning a large event for our church's annual Church in History Festival (or CHI Fest...previously known as Reformation Day). It's going to be grand...and it better be after all of this work! :P

If you are in the area and are interested in finding out more about the event, click here or leave a comment with your email and I'll get you more information! It is going to be a blast!

And my computer is still dead, which leaves me without Photoshop, and therefore a way to resize photos....unless Ben knows how to do that without Photoshop.  So, some of these pictures came from my phone, and the others are from my camera and are HUGE. But enjoy...

My home-grown cutie-pie.
We take lots of walks. We have an awesome stroller, and the kids love to stroll. We all love the great outdoors, and evening walks are routine and very enjoyable. 

Tea time!  I LOVE that my Lilykins is old enough to enjoy tea time with me! I have always dreamed of having tea time with my kids every day! 

Doesn't this just make your heart melt?
Well, it makes mine melt!

Waiting and watching for Daddy to come home. 

My squishies! I shall call them squishies!

 He is SUCH a good sport....always putting up with the many tortures that his sister inflicts on him. *grin*

Cutest. Little. Boy. Ever.
 Lilyana calls him "The Mung Bean".

All dressed up for what?

A walk down to the Farmer's Market, of course! Lilyana has been enjoying our Friday morning walk to the market since she was born!

A gift for the kiddos!

 Awwww! It's a baby in a baby carriage!

Lilyana is tickled pink that Zorro enjoys being pushed around. 
I'm just happy that this adorable wooden baby carriage is sturdy enough to hold him!
Lilyana would be happier if we didn't follow her around the house while she pushed Zorro. :)

 Emil and Grace came out for a visit and wanted to soak up some local guess where we went?!?
That's right!!! La Mo!!!!


On a recent trip to Lodi to walk through the venue for our upcoming CHI Fest (formerly known as Reformation Day), we found a local tasty place to fill the void in our very empty tummies...
"Nina" and "Nana" enjoying the girlie side of the table...

...while Zorro and Daddy enjoy the boy side. 

Back home again, Lilyana wanted to show off her latest piece of art that she drew for Ben.

Back up to Lodi once more for a Ladies Encouragement Day that our church was hosting. This, my friends, was my table... :)

No slowing down yet! The following day saw us in Berkeley to pick up a gas range for our new house! The lady we bought it from gave us a discount, so we grabbed some local organic Gelato!!!  Sooooo good!

Poor Zorro got stuck eating pumpkin puree with coconut oil. Paige (holding Zorro) and I thought it was good, though!

But not good enough to replace this stuff!

Hector Girls. 

Me and my gang! It was a fabulously fun day! We should do it again, Paige! :)

The long drive home.  

 Zorro wanted to show off his messy post-eating face.

 If you have been reading our blog for a while, you will have noticed that Hectors have a weird obsession with weird head gear...I'm sure that they get it from their father...

 Yes, another angle...

 ...and another! He is just SO CUTE!
Come on, admit that you enjoy all of these photos. :D

 Soon after Grace and Emil left, the Chapas arrived in town for their California vacation!
We were sooooo thrilled to host them while they were in our neck of the woods!

 And with the Chapas, we saw the return of Jessica!!!!
Love you, Jess!!!

 And no summer is complete without a sailing trip.
Ben bringing The Inflatable" back from the sail boat. He decided he needed some exercise.

 "Uncle Bella" taking the girls out for a swim.

 Daddy enjoying some quiet shore time with his girl.

Zorro has decided that he loves duck.
Preferably smoked. :P

And I leave you with this awesome shot of Lilyana...

"The name is Audrey. Audrey Hepburn..."