Friday, February 17, 2012

Where life isn't always glamorous...

Lilyana is cutting teeth.

When she isn't sleeping, she chews on everything, is randomly fussy for a minute or two, doesn't want to be alone, wants to cuddle all day, and is constantly famished.  One tooth has already cut through the gum, but the one right next to it isn't being very nice...up and down and down and up it goes, making her miserable.

  When she's being held, she's usually happy and content...but when she's being held all day I don't get things done.  Dinner still needs to be prepared, diapers still need to be washed (the other laundry can wait for a day or two, but cloth diapers not so much...), life must go on.  So Lilyana gets cuddled and then she has her "happy pills", or essential oils and then it's tummy time.  

So we haven't really done much, and the camera hasn't been out as much as it usually is.  So, this post will be shorter than normal...however, there are still more pictures of Lilyana than there are of anybody else...that's a good thing, right?

 Flowering Kale is just as beautiful as a huge bouquet of flowers, right?!?  

 The 7th was the birthday of the great author Charles Dickens.  In his honor, we dressed up for dinner and then crashed on the couch to watch another installment of Bleak House.

 To celebrate our anniversary (from last year...yeah, we's almost been two years now...), we went to see Sleeping Beauty.  We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, you know, the kind that you can't afford to eat at all of the time, and then it was off to the Gallo!  Beautiful production.

 It was our first date without the baby...strange, but fun!

 As I mentioned above, Lilyana gets cuddled a lot these days...  Late PJ days (we're both still in our PJ's *grin*), with a huge stack of books...she loves to read.

 Now, when she sees the camera, she is ALL SMILES!!!  
Sorry for the blurriness of the following pictures...she wanted to attack the camera.

 But Canon's fire back.

 "NO WAY, MOM!!!!!"


 Her face when I showed her the pictures I had just taken.

 For Valentine's Day we had a Roasted Lemon Chicken with a Rice Pilaf and Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach.  Baby was jealous.

 She loves her little rocker and we love her little rocker because she can't get the toys on the front off and throw them on the floor...SCORE!

 Ben and I made sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  They were gooooood!

 He loves his lips!

 Some of the finished beauties.

 Last night we had some Mediterranean food...YUM!  Flat bread, herbs, veggies, sliced grilled steak and leftover rice pilaf...  I love food.

 Beware of falling knives.

 Lilyana really likes her stack-able wooden rings.  She knows how to take them off, and she knows that they go back on, but she hasn't quite figured out how to put them back on.
 Ooh!  Ooh!  Another one!

 Nope, she likes the yellow one best.

A sweet baby.  And she really is sweet.  And fun.  And cute.  And loveable.  And squeezeable.  And kissable....

And I'll leave you with a picture of the beautiful flower that my husband brought me on Valentine's Day.  He remembered my favorite flower... :)


JB said...

Sounds like a good week. Enjoy those cuddly times - most chores will wait while baby needs you. My baby looks like picture number 14 & 16 now. Oh wait, that is my baby. They grow up before we know it. ;) And yes, she is a fun, sweet, special baby. See you tonight!!
Love ya, Mumsie

Mrs.Rabe said...

That flowering kale is gorgeous!

So is that wee girlie...teething is no fun! pooh!

Hope that tooth comes in soon!


Casey Walker said...

I don't know about you, but those 3-4 pictures of Lilyana with her mouth open made me laugh really hard. Keep it up, Gus!

Lauren said...

Love Bleak House, and love that you got dressed up in honor of Dickens!

Mikaela said...

Poor Lilyana! I acted just like that when my wisdom teeth came in. ;-)

I missed the memo on Charles Dickens, sadly, but I am halfway through the reading of *Bleak House* and have greatly enjoyed the visual version, so I will have to keep the occasion in mind for next year.

And, seriously: best. date. ever! You both match, look so cute, and the play and restaurant sound splendid.

Yvonne said...

Those times do go by so quickly!

Terra said...

This is my first visit here and I must say you have a flair for photography, and the cutest little model too. The kale bouquet photo has a beautiful old school feel to it.

Anthony said...

The food looks REALLY GOOD!!!!! The Mediterranean food looks especially good! As always, the baby is adorable.:)You and Ben look adorable in your costumes. Looks like another great week for you all!!! Love to the Trio!!

Anton, Esq. to be

Erin Rothie said...

I love your posts Tiffany! I have followed your guys' story a while now, my name's Erin by the way! :) I'm a follower from Wyoming.

How old is Lilyana? What oils do you use to help her teething? My baby girl is 4 months old and her poor gums hurt so terribly. We just started using an all natural teething tablet that works wonders, but not for that long at a time. I also cloth diaper and it's encouraging reading about someone else who does too. What brand/style do you use? I use Fuzzibunz and BumGenius. :)

God bless~

Simply Tiffany said...


*laughing* Yes, that is your baby...and now he has a baby! :)


Isn't it!??! And it was taaaasty! Her tooth FINALLY cut through!!! Hurray!! Now I'm trying to find out if there are any on the top...


*laughs* Yes! She had me in stitches!


As we always say, any excuse to dress up is a very good one! :)


Ben is a HUGE fan of Dickens...and I mean HUGE! He loved the Bleak House, the book, but he hates that they left out some of his favorite characters in the movie...*sigh* He's a purist. :) YES! We've got his birthday on the time we'll do some more planning. :)

Awww..thanks! It was a FUN date...we hope to do something like that again soon. :)

Mrs. Reynolds,

They do...much too fast...


Welcome to our blog! Thanks...I've always loved the camera...and my baby girl is the CUTEST thing around...or so I think. :P Hope you come again!


We'll make some Mediterranean food for y' that rice is allowed (and homemade sourdough) the options are looking good! :)


Thanks! Blogging is so much fun and I'm always happy to hear that people enjoy it!

Lilyana is 10 1/2 months...seems like she was just born yesterday, though! :( I use Young Living's Thieves blend on her gums. I have a spray that is diluted with coconut oil, so it's not too powerful for her little mouth. We also use homeopathic teething tablets (we call them her happy pills! :P), so we alternate with the oil/homeopathics.

I LOVE my cloth diapers! We use gDiapers almost exclusively. A good friend bought me a few different brands when I was pregnant, so we've tried a few brands (Fuzzibunz and BumGenius) since she was born. We use the BumGenius occasionally (like when her gDiapers are all dirty...) and Econobum as her swim diaper. The gDiapers are just SOOOOO cute! And I LOVE that you don't have to wash the entire diaper each time she gets changed...a HUGE plus in my book!

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