Monday, August 9, 2010

Okay, so we've been busy!

Really, I mean insanely busy!

See, I'm actually sitting at Starbucks, enjoying a lovely, sunny California day writing the captions for this post so that we can try to get caught up. Ben can do the next one, though, since his captions are always more entertaining than mine! So, here is a quick recap of what our life was like before the really fun California wedding reception! That post will be up soon, I hope. :) And then maybe a "tour" of our adorable home! So, without further you go!

With a cooler summer, the blueberry crop lasted longer this year. The Schroeder ladies invited me to tag along with them and we each picked about 12-15 lbs...or was it more? All I know is that my bucket was heavy! But we were allowed to eat as many berries as we wanted whilst picking....what fun!

Ben and I attended a serious hoe-down Texas party at Grandma Rose's church. They even had tortilla chips shaped like Texas!! How cool is that? So, I had to wear that hat for most of the party, and I finally passed it off to Ben, who then wore it for the rest of the evening.

Nic doing all of the hard, back breaking work while Thomas watches....*cough*
Naw, Thomas did his fare share! :)
They came down to bring some fresh manure for our garden and flower beds, help plant, roto-till, and all sorts of other guy projects that I needed help with. And yes, there are flowers there now!

What's this? A couch! Hurray! Something to sit on, other than the living room floor, that is! The living room looks great now...oh, but you'll have to wait to see pictures of the almost finished room. We're still waiting on frames for our artwork. was like Christmas gone crazy! There were so many things that had been sitting in the trailer that I had forgotten about! What fun to rediscover my treasures! Anton is waiting ever so patiently while I decide where to put things.

Mumsie made shelf liners for all of our cabinets. They were all freshly painted, and I wasn't liking the idea of putting our clean dishes on paint shelf liners were a great addition!

The Reynolds dropped by to say "HI!", see the house, and then they went to work! Thanks, Mrs. Reynolds for washing all of our dishes!

Oh, and then we had a birthday party to attend. It was a nice warm summer day, so the pool was a favorite spot that afternoon. And the grilled corn on the cob was sooo tasty!

What else does one eat on the 4th of July but brisket?! We had this in the oven baking while we were at church, and then the family came over to celebrate with us.

The girls filling up for the day! We are serious foodie people around here!
I think that I carried on my mom's favorite pastime....feeding people. :)

BBQ brisket, potato salad, rolls, and a regular salad...mmmm, a delicious patriotic dinner!
Looks good, huh?

Oh, and you can't forget dessert!!!! This year we were very patriotic....
We had homemade French Crepes. :)
But hey, in our defense, the Tour de France was going on, AND they were red, white, and blue...
And I'm an American....and I made them, so that makes it better, right?

Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!! Or, the California version, anyway.
Boy, and I thought that we had it bad in Illinois! All of the big blewie ones are illegal. You wouldn't believe how many sirens we heard that evening!
And no, they didn't show up at our place. :)
Maybe Fourth of Julying in Texas isn't such a bad idea, after all.....

Our very first dinner, in our very first home. The table is set, the Italian wine glass are pulled out, the fine china is waiting to be used....

And dinner is served! Oh, and there was a salad too,

Ahhh!!!!!! A piano has graced our living room! I love this piece of furniture.
It's pretty, useful, and it is helping me accomplish my goal of learning all of Clementi's sonatinas from Opus 36. We'll see how long that takes...

Okay, now check back for another update soon! And maybe some news....if something interesting happens! :) Hopefully we'll get internet at our house soon...then I won't have to sit at Starbucks listening to their annoying music...
Then again, I'd have to give up the drinks, too...
Or I could just make my own......

But I should get lunch first...


Mrs.Rabe said...

Hurray, a post!

I can't wait to see your photos of your cute house. I'm sure it is very nice...I like the wood floors.

I have followed your Mom's blog for years and read yours very frequently. It is so encouraging to find like minded people!


Miss Carey @----'---------- said...

You know, your French Crepes could have easily been inspired by Layfatte... ;)

Josiah David said...

Tiffany! You did a flower garden???? That's really cool! Be sure to find out what zone you're in, and if you want, I can think up some good editions that can grace your garden. :)

Christa Marie Blanchard said...
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Christa Marie Blanchard said...

Sorry! I accidantally delated my comment!!

Anyways...Everything looks beautiful, and it is wonderful to see all the wonderful things you are doing!! As for the Fourth of July, dear sister, you are always welcomed here!! We set off some majorly big ones this year!! :)

Love you!

Kathryn Grace said...

Yaaaay, a post! Things were getting too quiet around here. From the pictures of your new home's interior, it looks like you have *great* lighting (a must for a photographer!!).
Instead of sitting at Starbucks, when you get internet, go get Starbucks and bring it home. :-)

Hec @ 19 said...

Turkey town's newest residents are poised to leave their indelible mark!! Keep your eye on these "A listers", things are bound to get interesting!!

thector87 said...

I'm glad that piano is being put to good use now!

Simply Tiffany said...


We really like our little place, too! The wood floors were the big selling point for me! Wood everywhere except for the kitchen and bathroom! Gotta love it! And they are real...and from the 40's! That's just too cool! :) Glad you followed us over here! :)

Miss Carey,

Good point! I personally think that they are a great addition to any matter the occasion! :)


Yes, I attempted a flower garden this year. Finding our zone wasn't the hard thing, it's finding out what kind of sun they really want. And we're talking CA sun...which is totally different than any other sun I've been around! Next year should be better...for numerous reasons. :)


Thanks! I've really enjoyed having my own's been fun to work with, and I'm hoping to get back to normal life soon. So far, this week has been better than the last three, so maybe I'm on the up-swing? Yeah, Texans now how to celebrate the 4th! :)

Love ya!


LOL, I like your ideas!!! We still don't have internet, but I'm okay with that. Reading makes me sick...the words swim all over the page, and my head is killing me right now, which is why I'm making these short. :)

Our house has awesome lighting! So much natural light... I LOVE IT! Once I feel better, I plan on using my camera more than I have been....


Oh yes, we plan to leave our mark wherever we go! :) Interesting things coming.....


It was being put to good use! I haven't been able to play for a while now...but hopefully I can fix that problem soon. :) Ben refuses to play for me.....

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