Monday, April 25, 2011

"Children, you are very little..."

As I sit here in the living room listening to my little one sigh in her sleep, I still can't believe that she's mine. No, not even after she kept Ben and I awake for most of last night. We finally put a warm washcloth with some Roman Chamomile essential oils on her tummy (at 5:00 this morning!) and she settled down and went to sleep...we should have tried that earlier! Maybe we'll try that before her bedtime tonight...

Anyhoo, the request for more pictures has been fulfilled! More to come, so check back soon!

A sleeping angel.

I love how her little hand wraps around my finger when I offer it to her.

"Okay, enough pictures! I'm cold!"
My little girl takes after me and hates to be cold. Her expression after her bath was just too funny not to photograph, though.

All clean and ready for a weekend up at Grandmum and Grandad's ranch.

Check out those curls!

Okay, so I really like her little hands!

"Working" with Daddy so Mommy can take a shower.

My adorable husband after his surgery. He probably doesn't remember me taking this photo. He was kind of out of it...
Nope, no baby in this picture, but this guy is cute, too.

Our little family on Easter Sunday.

Now, back to embroidering Brati's christening gown...
Come back soon for more pictures!


Mcmom said...



Can't wait to give y'all a big hug!



Anthony said...

She is SOOOOO adorable!!! Love the Pictures. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait for this weekend. I have the most gorgeous niece and am the luckiest uncle ever!:)Love you all and can't wait to see you all this weekend!

Anton, Esq. to be

Sierra Elizabeth said...

Awww, she's beautiful :) Her eyes just pop in the 5th one! I can't wait to meet her...hugs to all! <3

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love those eyes!

I enjoy seeing your family photos...I love the one on your Mom's facebook page!

Have a wonderful week, Tiffany.


thector87 said...

I want to hold my baby when I'm working.

The Girl with the Red Lenses said...

What happened to Ben???

So Cute!!! Love the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing with us.

Love you guys!!

Hec @ 19 said...

Shapirti e, geghets’ik mi orhnut’yun e

Lindsey said...

Oh, she is the sweetest niece ever! I can't wait to see her in the christening gown. The bonnet was adorable!

Ben and Gus are making the same face in the working photo...are you sure you're awake Ben?

Amanda Read said...

What a beautiful little red-headed baby! Those are great pictures.

Mikaela said...

You make such a beautiful family! Whatever happened to Ben...does not look good. Hope he's doing better!

Jean said...

It was grand to have your whole family here for a few days...even though Ben wasn't as perky as normal. I love holding my granddaughter - anytime you need me to!:) I know you are enjoying this week's sunshine - ahhh, it's so warm.
Love all y'all. Mumsie/Grandmum

Simply Tiffany said...


We are so excited that you'll be here soon! I'm trying to keep the baby from getting too big... *grin* Love you!!!


*laughing* You do have the prettiest niece around! Not that I am biased, or anything... This weekend should be a blast! A nice lounge chair, an iced drink and good company...tomorrow! I suppose I should get back to packing...


She has very striking eyes...and she is so fun! We'll be out in July! *hugs*


I've enjoyed getting family pictures of our little family...starting with the wedding, and now we have a little one of our own! *sigh* Yes, I saw their new's so cute...and the family looks so small, now! A picture of the entire family will be fun! :)

Uncle Tom,

*laughing* I'm not sure how that will work in the back of an ambulance...


The growth plate in his shoulder didn't stop growing when it was supposed for reasons too numerous to list, he decided to get it out now. He's still bruised and sore, but on the mend. Glad you liked the pictures...we like taking them. :)


Okay, I've spent several days trying to translate your win. Now, what does it mean? *grin*


I'm almost done embroidering the gown, and then it'll be time to put it together! I'm really happy with how it looks so far...and I may make a silk bonnet to match her gown. :)

*laughing* They are making the same face! He wasn't completely awake...


Thanks! The whole time I was pregnant, I wondered if she would have red hair...and she does! Not as red as mine was when I was born, but it's definitely strawberry-blondeish! *smile*


Thank you! Surgery done, check-up appointment soon...Ben is doing much better than he was late last week!


It was a fun, relaxing weekend. *laugh* Ben is back to his normal perky self, even if his shoulder still hurts a bit. This weekend should be fun, too. I'm glad you enjoy holding her...I do, too. See you tomorrow! Love ya!

Abigail said...

SHE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see ya'll! =)

Give her hugs and kisses for me!


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