Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Happy Ending of Mr. Zucchini

Now the BIG question that this Cheesecake Maker found herself faced with was:

"What on earth do you do with a GIANT zucchini from the garden?!?!?!"
Because we all now that it would much too tough to grill, or cook up for eating...unless you mashed it, but even cutting that thing was a chore! I felt like I was a logger, or something!

Yes, I know I ought to do more push-ups...I heard that from my darling husband just this morning. Now, back to the soap opera of Mr. Zucchini...

I thought that pickles would be good, and maybe throwing some zucchini into a pepper jelly (I LOVE pepper jelly)... So, I peeled it, cut it up and ended up using all of it in the jelly. Pickles will have to wait until next time. Now, there is no way that Ben and I would find time to eat that much jelly, so the smartest thing to do was to can it!

But one must have the proper tools for canning... Iced Creamed Chai. Does it get much better than that? Nope.

This was the first time I've tried canning all by my lonesome, so it was a bit nerve-wracking! But....

I got them processed and as the jars cooled on my counter, the silence was interrupted by a "POP!"...."POP!"...."POP!" and I seriously shrieked with sheer delight, jumped around my kitchen and wrote to my darling husband and shared the news with him! Sometimes it really stinks to be home alone...then again, nobody is around to see you acting like an idiot...

A happy me, with a hot (yes, hot as in burning hot. Okay, so yes, burning hot as in touching it and tasting...), happy jar of zucchini pepper jelly.

Check back later to see what else this Cheesecake Maker is up to!


Jean said...

Well done on the homefront! I still get a thrill when I hear the pop from any item I just canned, even after all these years. Your house fits your mood, m'dear. Too cute. Can't wait to try the pepper jelly. LY, Mumsie

Hec @ 19 said...

All that and you still have the energy to tweak the top photo in Photoshop?!?!?! Forget the pushups, you obviously have plenty of strength!!

Jessica McDonald said...

You are amazing. And that pepper jelly sounds DELISH. I mean, you told me about it over the phone, but I love to see the pictures. :) Sorry you had to do it by your lonesomes - but I was there in spirit. <3

much love, jess <3

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a great use of zucchini!

Hope you are feeling better...

Mikaela said...

I never would have thought to make a zucchini pepper jelly--what a marvelous idea! I shall have to try that sometime. I have grilled log-size zucchinis such as yours, by the way, and they turn out just fine according to my taste buds!

kymk99 said...

What a fun post! I love to hear the 'ping' of those jars lids when you have been canning. Such a wonderful sound of satisfaction that your work has been successful. :o)

Another idea for those monster zucchini, grate them up, store them in freezer bags, and use them in recipes throughout the winter. :o)

I am sure your zucchini pepper jelly will be wonderful!

Mrs. Reynolds

Katherine Alice said...

Hi Tiffany,
I've been following your blog (and your last one) for quite a while now, I havent commented because I didnt think you would want a complete stranger (from the opposite side of the earth) commenting on your blog :).
I just wanted to suggest that if you are ever faced with another huge zucchini try making a zucchini pie. My mother makes it sometimes for visitors and then asks them what they thought the pie was, they almost always say Apple pie because that is exactly what it tastes like.
I really enjoy reading your and your husband's blog.
God Bless

Abigail said...

I LOVE pepper jelly! I wish I could taste some! =)

I like the first picture! =)

See you in two months!


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