Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...And all through the house

Because of the popular demand of the masses, I, Benjamin Francis Hector the First (and only, if I have my way with the naming of future male progeny...), will descend from the ivory bastions of intellectualism and dirty my fingers with the pleasant task of writing a blog post. Be merry, dear readers, in the style of the season.

Christmas Day did dawn in a highly pleasant manner. Far different from the "Glorious Morn" in California, which seems to start at an ungodly hour (especially distressing considering it's status as a supremely godly day), in this house the children stay in bed until summoned. Due to that supremely wise dictum, I pleasantly slept until 0830hrs. This rule is likely to be incorporated into the Ben Hector family law-book.

After that, rules go out the window, and chaos does ensue. One can almost see the wrapped packages cringe when the rabid eyed hounds are released, but "not such hounds as mortal eyes have seen!" One of them could be best described in the words of the great Arthur Conan Doyle: "Fire burst from its open mouth, its eyes glowed with a smoldering glare, its muzzle and hackles were outlined in flickering flame."

Terrifying, is he not?

The baby looks highly distressed.

Merry Christmas toes, and Aunt Jill's socks. Why is it girls can get away putting up pictures like this?

Before any presents are opened, the Christmas Story is read. The baby found her Grandpa's reading quite engrossing.

Or maybe it was his thumb?

The irreconcilable difference between these faces makes me wonder what they are looking at....

Oh, now we know. James is jealous. He wants a cigar too!

This is an actual quote from Emma: "I got Elephant Perfume!" Say what?!!?!?

Time for the baby to unwrap her own present.

Notice the similarity in grip. Such poise, such talent!

Rip it!

Break for a quick snack.

What is it, what is it?

"You got me clothes, seriously?!?!"

"Well, I guess this is cute."

Stiff upper lip, and all that.

Jessica likes this advice.

Dad got a bow tie. Bow Ties are cool!

Hats, they are very useful for holding in your brains, in the event of a skull failure.....

A foodie baby contemplates the fabric crawdad, obviously wishing it were eatable.

Cordially yours.....

The aunties have been teaching Lilyana how to blow kisses. Blowing, check, kissing....still trying.

I suspect McMom, in the living room, with the candlestick.

Oooh, pretty tree!

One specially made headband. (My wife makes these, if you want to buy one!)

Bubble wrap hats, just in case!

The McDonald family has an odd tradition of giving the menfolk boxers on Christmas. This year they made the mistake of giving a pair to "Superman"!

Yep, I'm a trendsetter.....

James doesn't quite have the fashion sense of Caleb and I.

Dad showing off his new bowtie.

Two very snazzy looking people.

Real baby, meet fake baby.

Ha! I'm definitely cuter than you!

Taking a break for some food!

Two girls, all dressed up for dinner!

Ok, I need to get some teeth!

Now you have a look into the inner sanctum of Christmas morn.




Anonymous said...

Ben, girls have cuter feet than we do, so you might as well forget ever having a shot of guys feet in a blog.:) Perhaps it was not late enough for James.;) "Keep trying baby, and you might have it down by the time you return!":) I really do not have a comment regarding that boxer trend...But bow-ties are definitely very cool.:) Love and miss you "all" and I love reading of your enjoyments. Stay warm and hope to see you soon!!

Anton, Esq. to be

Stacy McDonald said...

Very cute blog post! I need to print this out and put it in the keepsake box! Love y'all and glad you're here!

JB said...

Oh what a fun time! I can't believe how much the "little man" has grown. I love the Christmas eve picture of Lilyana with Grandpa and Grandmommy. Too cute. I did like your superman outfit Ben, very "fitting."

I do need to point out that it was my oldest son who prompted his younger siblings to wake Mom & Dad up at what you term an "ungodly" hour. Just you wait.

BTW Where's Tiff? I only saw her toes.

Love you all, Mumsie/Grandmum

Rose said...

I really liked the baby's hat she was wearing! So cute!

DaviesGeek said...

Love the post Ben!!! Especially all the funny photos and captions! Looking forward to having dinner with you guys!

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