Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Week (or two) in the life of Lilyana....

With only 10 weeks until my due date, I've been nesting like crazy...maybe more than I did with Lilyana...which Ben didn't think was possible!  My "to-do" list gets longer and shorter and then longer again with each passing day.  Things to paint, hang, organize, wash, frame, get rid of, re-arrange, etc....  We've actually made much progress in our little house, which makes me very happy!  

But, because we've had our hands full of house projects and a busy and very inquisitive 18 month old who happens to be cutting 6 teeth, I haven't had much time to carry my other "baby"
(a.k.a. my camera) around much to snap pictures...okay, so I did manage to get some of Lilyana!  When I looked at the pictures on my camera, almost every picture was of her!  So, I thought to myself, "Self, why not put up a post of what keep Lilyana entertained!"  It made lots of sense to me, and I hope that you enjoy a peek into her fun and busy life....

 Food!  Food is always at the top of Lilyana's list.  I'm always amazed (and amused) and what she eats.  Last night she was thrilled with her plate of herbed pork roast, grilled beets, grilled mushrooms and sautéed spinach and beet greens.  When she was done with her plate, she looked expectantly at our plates!  Quite the foodie baby!

"I'm going to EAT you!!!!!"  

Awwww.....sweet cousins.  Lilyana LOVES babies, but her favorite baby is Isabella, or "Della" as Lilyana calls her.  She can't get enough of her cousin's very kissable chubby cheeks.  And yes. we have this framed in our house!

One good thing about having small bottles of essential oils is that they run out faster than the big ones...especially when the bottle is about 2 years old.  Lilyana was "treating" her feet with some Lemon oil.  She then proceeded to "treat" our feet. 
Not only is she a foodie baby, she's an essential oil baby, too!

Oh look!  The three of us!  We went down to L.A. for a wedding and found some fun places along the coast to see.  This just happens to be our new favorite coffee/pastry shop!  It reminded us of Spain... *sigh*


A long 4 day weekend makes for a sleepy baby.  The drive home was a cozy one for her with her "lambie" and "blankie". 

Tea time with mommy is always fun.
Maybe one day she'll drink like a lady....

Tea time with mommy inspired her to have tea time with her bear.  Grandmommy bought her a wooden tea set for her birthday  and some wooden cakes and cookies on a tiered stand.  Lilyana loves to dip her cookies into her tea and say, "Dip, dip dip!"

A late morning means that she missed saying goodbye to daddy as he left for work.  She likes to send pictures to him when she misses him. 

And then she stands at the window waiting for him to come home. 
This is a daily routine for her now.

And he's home!!!  Ben was fixing an antique typewriter and Lilyana wanted to help.  She got to hold the flashlight for him...

...until she got bored and found something else to do with the flashlight. 

We call her crabby pants. 

Talking on the phone is a favorite pastime.  

What can I say?  She takes after her father in some things....I wanted to add some feathers and beads and make it look more Regency, but it fell apart before I could get started. 

Sporting her new shoes.  She outgrew all of her shoes before she started walking so that meant getting some new ones!  Thankfully, Robeez was having a sale and free shipping!!!  So we got some for her grow-in box, too!

And that's all for now.  When she isn't being silly, or "helping", or playing with her baby and dog (no, not a real one), or eating, or reading, she's usually napping...which she needs to be doing right now.  Lunch is done and she's asking for her lambie and blankie...

Until next time!


Livia Rachelle said...

Oh, my goodness-a lambie-I am not sure I have ever seen anyone have those besides our family. Mine is close to twenty years old and apparently I went through a few before that!
Darling photos-her expressions are exquisite.

Cheryl (Copperswife) said...

She's growing so fast!

Yvonne said...

She is so sweet! Looks like you all have quite a lot of fun together!

Jessica McDonald said...

Oh, I miss that beautiful, sweet little girl!!! I can't believe how big she's getting! I'm so glad y'all went with getting her Robeez...they suit her well and the little dragonfly design is ADORABLE - like their wearer. :-)

Hugs and Love to all y'all!

Jess/Aunt Gaga

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a precious girlie! She is adorable and so blessed to be in such a loving home with her Mommy and Daddy!

I couldn't believe it when you said you have only 10 weeks left before your baby is born! Time flies!


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