Monday, December 10, 2012

Babies, Trees and Christmas Cheer

Yes, we're still alive.
Nope, no big news.
Yes, I'm still pregnant.

Things have been rather interesting in a boring sort of way around here.  Most of the very regular contractions stopped after I was given freedom from couch rest, and then the baby dropped....really, really low.  And then very regular and strong contractions go on for maybe 2 hours and then subside...leavings us frustrated and still waiting.  

We haven't gone far from the house...just in case.  I always travel with my "must have" oils when we leave the house.  It's getting cold...okay, cold by my definition. *grin*  It's been rainy lately, which makes it hard to get out.  Because of that, we've only taken a few walks around the neighborhood and are just trying to stay sane at this point.

Even Lilyana is ready for the baby to come out.  We all are.  As Ben keeps saying, we want to be tired with a purpose.  

Until our little guy decides to leave the warmth and rather tight conditions that I have to offer, we're just taking each day as it comes.  We're praying that he comes soon....very soon.  

With that for in an introduction, here is what we've been up to lately...again, mostly just staying in and taking pictures of my adorable baby girl...who is very quickly turning into a little lady. *sigh*

 Meal planning hasn't been on the top of our list, but always eat well!  
Sourdough baguettes with arugula  diced and marinated tomatoes, salami and Spanish cheese...can you say "YUM!"!?!?

 Ben is practicing the two baby hold.

Brothers and their babies...swapped, of course.  
Love how the girls both have their fingers in their mouths....

"Hey Lilyana!  That's my headband!"

 My babykins...keeping calm and shining on!
Okay, so she's not always calm, but she's almost always shining!

See?  Does it get cuter than that?

I was reading a book the other day, and Lilyana climbed up onto the ottoman with her book....she's either reading this one, The Right Word or John Milton's Paradise Lost.

So cute. 

 A walk in the park with daddy...before it got chilly.

 Love, love, love.

 Enjoying her glass of NingXia Red with breakfast.

"Your baby blues, so full of wonder..."

Somebody gave us these very fuzzy cloth diapers for the baby...Lilyana thought that they made better hats.

 Lilyana loves kisses!

 My second favorite face to see in the morning.

 I took a walk around the block by myself the other day and tripped....that hasn't happened in a long time!
Lilyana loves to look at my knee with a very pitiful face and say, "Ow..."

 Yeah, with this face. 

 Guess where we went?!?!  Well, just down the street...but to find a tree!!!  Hurray!  Ben got off early on Friday, so we jumped in the car and went Christmas tree shopping!  

 A lovely among the lovelies.  Seriously going to frame this one!

Mama and le bébé.

Setting up the tree...SO fun!  We actually brought the tree in that evening, but didn't decorate until Sunday evening.  Lilyana is cutting teeth, which means early bed time and we wanted her to "help" so we waited.

 Daddy gave Lilyana yogurt...Lilyana thought it was face paint.  She did manage to get most of it in her mouth, though. Sparkling Pear festive!

 Lilyana and the angora hat.  

 Aren't they cute?

From last year...tiny (fake) tree...tiny (real) baby.

 This year...bigger tree, bigger baby!  

And the finished product.  It looks so cheerful from the street.

We're hoping that the next post will have good tidings...and pictures of the new baby and the four of us...we'd appreciate your prayers!

Tiffany for BLT and Zorro


Anonymous said...

did you buy the manchego in Spain or in California?
i have lots of manchego in my refri. from last past summer, when i was there, and from the packages my Mom sends once in a while.

Carolina Jackson

Jessica McDonald said...

I was smiling while reading this entire post. And then I saw the picture of Lilyana in her "Keep Calm and Shine On" outfit and my smile turned into a grin. THEN I saw the one of you and Lilyana at the Christmas tree lot and my grin got even bigger.

This whole post makes me miss y'all so, so, so much more then I already did a few minutes ago. Please, please come Zorro! Soon! <3

Stacy McDonald said...

I can NOT wait until y'all get here! Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting them!!!!!!! I love you!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying baby comes soon. What a nice little Christmas package! Loved all the beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas.


Sara (and for our trip to China, Abby) said...

Praying that you have that little guy by now...and if not, REALLY soon!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!

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