Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing....."

I have never much liked the 4th of July. It is a stark reminder of how our country has diminished in freedoms since that day was first celebrated. In the time since then, I have become less sure that a republic, however great its potential, is a sustainable form of government, as it is so easily corrupted. Frederick Marryat summed it up quote well: "A monarchy may be overthrown by a revolution, and republicanism succeed, but that is shortly followed by despotism, till after a time, monarchy succeeds again by unanimous consent, as the most legitimate and equitable form of government...In a republic, those who govern are more powerful than the rulers in a restricted monarchy—a president is greater than a king, and next to a despot..."

Ah well, I shall put aside my monarchist leanings, and write an unbiased post about our 4th of July, which was fun in its own right!

The Hector family knows how to party! This time, it was the turn of the Turlock Hectors to host festivities, and so everyone headed to our house for the weekend, starting with Tiffany's sister, and her family.

Waiting for our guests to arrive!

It was the hottest weekend of the year, so we headed for the local water park!

Joshua got in on the games, and even dragged his dad into the water....

Oh, yeah!

Dressing in patriotic colors. (What color is the Union Jack?)

1260 sq ft / 31 people = FULL HOUSE OF FUN

In the card room.....

37.6% of California is of Hispanic heritage. That calls for a margarita!

Water balloon fight. Time for Nic to take some heat.

He is beloved by the people, you can tell.....


Sara took an opportunity to stab her brother in the back....

Someone will pay for that!

"Me, wet? Nah!"

Now that the fight was over, time for the vittles.

By 7pm, it was finally cool enough to sit outside! Only 96 degrees!

Water balloon fights leave a mess, so Tiffany charged people for pieces of pie, 2 oz a slice.

Josh was touch and go, almost didn't have enough!

Patriotic pies.
Eventually, the fun was over, and everyone had to return home. It was an enjoyable day, even if Tiffany wouldn't let me sing "God Save the Queen".

Bye everyone! Come back for the next party!


Simply Tiffany said...

Hey, I think that we should sing, "God Save the Queen"! I like the queen, I think she's cute! *grin*

It was a fun party, and I'm glad that we were able to host it...even if it was HOT that day. Great friends, good food, and loads of fun...

Ahhh, that water park sounds so refreshing right now! It's been mighty warm over here (going through a heat wave) and COLD water would fit the bill nicely. I even packed our bathing suits.....

*sigh* Miss you, m'dear...see you soon!

Love you! <3

JB said...

Very nice post Ben, and wonderful party! Even if it was hot, we really enjoyed ourselves - even if we didn't get wet. Can't wait for the next one.

We miss you and wish you were here - your wife and daughter most of all.

See you next week. Love you, Mumsie

Matthew Hector said...

We have such a great time! Y'all were awesome hosts!

*Can't wait for next year's party!*

Lindsey said...

Oh yes...I love Queen too!!! That would have really put the party over the top ;)

The Turlock Hectors are amazing hosts! Hopefully we can return the favor here soon.


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