Monday, January 31, 2011

By the time we arrived in Peoria, most of the snow had melted. I've heard that they are expecting about 16 inches now, which is a crazy amount of snow! As I write this, I'm sitting in my living room. As I look at the green grass in my front yard, (and yes, those two holes that the gofer left behind), and the blue skies that the fog finally let us see, it's hard to picture that much snow!

But as we spent time as a family on Christmas Eve, we saw those beautiful white snowflakes coming down, slowly at first, and when we woke up the next morning, we knew that we were in for a white Christmas! See:

Yes, it was very cold, and I don't think anybody spent much time outside on Christmas day! With a fire going inside, good food, a wonderful family and memories to be made, the indoors seemed like a better place to spend the day.

Tradition continues, and the Advent readings come first. Well, after the coffee, of course. *smile* Five candles, the family gathered 'round and Christmas carols to wrap up our morning devotions.

Ben's lap is a very popular place to sit. William and Em were happy to get this seat.

Melissa is showing off her new adorable earrings, a gift from Grandma Betty. Festive earrings are always fun!

William and his "Bucket-o-Soldiers." If you can't tell from his expression, he was ecstatic. Between this gift, his new Lego's and his new pajamas (which he is wearing in the above picture), he was one happy little man!

*smile* A sweet, memorable moment caught on film...or on a CF card, I guess. Fathers and daughters have a special relationship, and I'm eager to see my own daughter in her father's arms.

Three pretty girls, with pretty hair accessories, and very cute stuffed animals. I want one.

Joshua got a BIG dinosaur and thought it needed to be softened up with a kiss. He amused us for several minutes as he enjoyed his new toy.

A true Dr. Who fan needs a cool mug with a disappearing Tardis, right?

Three other girls...seems like it was just yesterday that we were little! Caleb's new guitar has a nice shiny back...

It was a sweater year for Mom, and she was thrilled! There are so many cute ones to choose from these days.

James, an accomplished guitarist, tuned the new instrument and gave Caleb a few tips.

Brother and sister time is always a good time.

Moving on to a few days later, we were out in the freezing cold to enjoy a sledding excursion with friends from church. With a shortage of snow suits and snow boots, Abby and I sat out to photograph the event. Jess, Jesi and Lily get set for a quick trip down the hill.

William went down by himself and thought that was the coolest thing ever. It's hard to believe how much he has grown up!

The younger girls are all ready to head down.

I think that she really enjoyed the ride!

"Expecting 16 inches of snow?! Enjoy this experience and get your winter gear at..."
Commercial break is over.
William really likes having big brothers.

A happy girl is always warmer inside.

The little man and I get one more picture before we head back for some hot chocolate and cookies.
Speaking of hot chocolate and cookies, I think it's snack time...


Mrs.Rabe said...

So fun! We have had a lot of snow this year too, her in Pennsylvania.

Our Kyle is five and has four older sisters, then comes his big brother who is the oldest. He sure does love his big brother! Fun for William to have another big brother in Ben.

Simply Tiffany said...

I hope y'all have managed to survive the latest big winter storm! I know that my family had a huge dump of snow...

*laughing* Yes, with so many "mothers" in the house, I'm sure he loves his brother!

Jean said...

It's fun to see the pictures of everyone. Felt like we were right there, too. Still like the California weather better, though.
Love, Mumsie

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