Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Christmastime, Oh Christmastime...

Christmastime...was here. And it passed by much too quickly for my taste. It seems like the Christmas music just started playing and people were looking for that perfect tree. As this was our first Christmas as a married couple, there were many new things this year.

Setting up our own traditions...blending his with mine and making them ours.

December was filled with lots of good music ("Oh Christmas Tree" is forbidden, however), soft candlelit evenings, trying to keep up with Advent readings and growing closer together and deeper in love.

Three Christmas celebrations added excitement to this season. We celebrated our first Christmas day with our California family...a cozy fire in the wood stove, warm homemade cinnamon rolls, real egg nog and lots of other goodies were just the beginning to a fun, heartwarming, memorable day. And I'll let the pictures tell the rest...

I honestly don't remember how many dozen cookies were made, but there were TONS of different kinds...and somebody had to be a taste tester, right?

Grandma's cookie cutters get pulled out every year, as does Grandma's recipe for some amazing sugar cookies. A tradition that Mumsie grew up with. A tradition that Ben grew up with. A tradition with many memories wrapped up in it is one that will not be lost.

Mmmmm. The soft, chewy cookies are about to be decorated by the mob...

Ben, the leader of the "Peeps in the hood" leads the way with gobs of blue icing.

Thomas is home!!!!!!!! That means he can...strangle Ben?
No, Thomas was just trying to crack Ben's back...really, I'm telling the truth!

Psst!'re supposed to be paying attention...not to the camera, to the reading!

In the NT Hector household, squirrels are everywhere, and they should never be left out of a Christmas celebration. I think that Becky agrees.


Santa's helper found a package with his name on it! Don't you love it when that happens?

Linds: "You didn't?!?!? Really?!?!?"
Canon cameras have that effect on people.
It's almost as good as having the love of your life propose to you...
Okay, so maybe not...

Sarah gets a new friend.

Not only do the men in this family wear strange hats, they also make funny faces. Then again, when one is faced with an embroidered anti-heat-stroke-pad, what other kind of face should one make? It's a reenactor's thing.

A robot!!!!! Yes, they have a special place in this marriage, and that one is kind of cute.

Remember what I said? *smile*
Oh...and DON'T BLINK.
No, I'm serious...if you saw what was in that box, you'd do the same...don't blink.
And good luck.

Ummm, should we be afraid?

Yes, we should. Very afraid.
Should we call him Farmer Tom?

Ummm, yeah. Don't ask.
Ben has a special place in his heart for his stuffed animals. In fact, I think he remembered all of their names! Maybe one day we'll figure out what to do with this zoo.

Our second Christmas coming soon!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Looks like fun!

The Hector's haven't updated their blog in ages! Being a native of California, but now living in PA, I miss seeing my old homestate - even if it is only on a stranger's blog!

I saw your baby shower photos on your mom's FB or maybe either Jessica or Melissa's - what a special shower. Congratulations on expecting a girl!

Okay, I am sorry I am don't even need to post this. :) I just have appreciated your Mom's books and her blog and am interested the family!


Hec @ 19 said...

Each Christmas will be better than the one before. I just know it!! See you next year, Gus.

thector87 said...

Last Christmas... 11 people... this Christmas... 13.5 people.

Anthony said...

My what a great time this Christmas was. I have a new sister, another one on the way, and a niece coming soon. It was great having Ben and Tiff over, as a couple.( It was a bit different though.) I cannot wait until next year when we will have a little baby also! Thanks for the post sis. Love ya.

Anton, Esq. to be

Simply Tiffany said...


*laughs* I know! In between our wedding, my BIL's wedding coming up, and a granddaughter on the way (oh, and life smashed in there somehow), they've been awfully busy this year... I'll see if I can arrange an update... :)

It was a lovely evening, and I still walk into my nursery and gaze in wonder at all of the beautiful gifts people have blessed us with as I try to fully understand that the baby is ours... Then, of course, she moves around or pokes me and that helps bring this wonderful fact closer to reality. :) 10 more weeks!

Please don't feel bad for rambling! I enjoy hearing comments like yours. :)


They definitely will! It will be interesting to see how much a baby will change things this year. :) So fun....


*laughs* I know...I wonder what this year will look like! *grin*

Anton, still is a little different for me! I can't believe we've been married for coming up on 9 months!!!! Crazy... I'm sure it will get more normal as time goes on, and besides, you'll have Thomas and Linds to get used to next, so Ben and I will look more normal, right? ;) Love ya!

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