Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taking a break from decorating to bring you this update....

Our bags were packed and we were ready to go...well, almost. There were a few errands to run before we actually left town, but we got those done quickly and made it to the airport with enough time to grab a quick bite to eat, which I was very grateful for! And before we knew it, this was the view from our window:

A clear blue morning overlooking the bay. Goodbye 60+ degree weather...we were heading out to the frozen tundra.

A full day of traveling means that this will be another view from a different window. It was too dark to get a picture of our final destination once we landed, but you'll see plenty of pictures of the cold outdoors soon!

My sisters, as silly as ever love finding interesting things to pose with...even if it's in the grocery store!

The day after we arrived, my mom and I headed out to The Fresh Market, one of my favorite grocery stores. Yes, we were all in silly moods...must have been the coffee and cider samples.

My sometimes serious, sometimes extremely goofy nephew gives me a serious expression.

With some extra raw milk on hand, Abby and I whipped together some traditional egg nog. A big holiday favorite!

A thoughtful pose from the little man. It's funny how you know that you miss people, but don't realize just how much until you see them again. Good times...

Santa's Helper and I like getting mirror images of each other.

So it was a long day and we were thought that we would pretend to take a nap! We were close to the fire, which made this spot in the living room quite cozy.

Ben likes bow-ties. Dad likes bow-ties. AND the Dr. likes bow-ties. Bow-ties are cool.

It always amazes me to see how much darkness can be dispelled by candles. A beautiful candlelight service to remind us of the true Light of the world.

The Providence Choir was amazing this year. Unique musical selections were beautifully done...it was a lovely evening.

The family continues to grow. Next year's picture will have at least one more addition!

Christmas in Illinois is up next...and then some house updates!


Kathryn Grace said...

Is Jessica wearing heels in that last picture??? :-)
Always nice to see updates from ya'll!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun stuff! I am glad you got to spend Christmas in Illinois and can't wait to hear how you are doing, baby wise and with getting settled in your home!


Mikaela said...

What a great picture of the whole family! I completely understand what you mean about missing people but realizing it until you see them--how wonderful that you got to spend this precious time with your family.
(I've commented here before, and have followed this blog for awhile, but I suppose I should properly introduce myself. We met many moons ago--OK, maybe four years =)--at the Washington Homeschool conference where I volunteered and then briefly reconnected at the Jamestown Quadricentennial. Anywho, I've been enjoying following you on your new experiences in married life!)

Simply Tiffany said...


Ummm, I don't remember if she wore heels that evening. Maybe, since it was a formal event..or maybe she got taller while I was gone! :)


It was fun to spend the holiday there, and now that we are home, we are definitely setting in. It's been a fun process making this house our home. :)


Christmas was wonderful...cold, but so sweet! Family is a precious thing, and I enjoy every minute I spend with my husband, my family and my husband's.

That was a fun conference...one of my favorites, actually! Married life is an adventure, and I'm loving every minute of it! More recent updates coming. :)

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