Friday, November 18, 2011

Polls are closed....

The names are in and being counted for the drawing!

Check back on Monday to find out if YOU are the happy winner of Valor!

Until then, check back for pictures of our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!


Spicemuffin said...

You went to Monterey Bay Aquarium? How awesome! I love Monterey. We went to the Aquarium with the Gibbs last month.
How did Lilyana like it? ;)

Emil Bandy said...

Aw.... I don't normally say this... but... :-)

SHE IS SO CUTE!!!! :-)

Simply Tiffany said...


We did! It was loads of fun. We missed Ben being there, but Lilyana LOVED the fish!! :)


*laughing* Yes, but when a baby is this cute, you just have to say it! :)

And I think it's cute, too. ;)

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