Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Renaissance GIVEAWAY!!!!

Well, today is the beginning of our Young Living essential oil giveaway!

While we were on our recent vacation, I found out that I was allergic to the yellow weeds that were growing along side of the road.  I spent a day or two itching and sneezing like crazy...with eyes red and swollen.  When Ben saw the sign for the Young Living farm, he knew that I'd be thrilled to pieces to stop in, but he also knew that they would probably have something to help my allergies.  

I went into the gift shop and the lady behind the counter was so helpful!  She explained that my whole system was out of whack due to my reaction to the weeds and to get me back on the right track, there were two blends that would help me out: Valor and Harmony.  After applying Harmony to my sternum and Valor to the bottom of my feet, I began to "normal" again...the sneezing and itching subsided and I could actually enjoy the trip! 

So, for our giveaway today, we will be awarding our winner with ONE 15ml bottle of the Young Living Valor blend!  Contest Rules are at the end of this post!

I actually use this blend for several things.  It was a huge blessing during labor, but I discovered it's many benefits before Lilyana was born.  If you massage it into your shoulders before drifting off to sleep, it will help you rest and sleep soundly.  After a long day at work (and especially after a long day that was preceded by a long night with baby-o), my husband asks for the Valor massage.  

This blend is also called "Chiropractor in a bottle" for it's natural ability to balance and align the body.  It's healing properties may reduce trauma to the area if applied to a bruise.

I like to diffuse it around the house on gloomy days since the smell also promotes a balanced, confident mood.

There are a few stories behind the blends at Young Living, and this one is no different.  The "recipe" for this blend actually dates back to Ancient Rome.  This oil was diffused throughout the barracks and was used one soldiers before going into battle. So, mothers, how many of you needs this each morning?! *grin*

Since we enjoyed our trip to the Young Living farm, we thought we would bring our trip to you! 

 We weren't sure what to expect when we pulled off of the freeway to get to the Young Living Farm, but after driving a few miles out into the country, we came across this delightful little house set on a beautiful farm, nestled against the mountains in Utah.

 The front of the house is dedicated to the process of growing the plants, harvesting and eventually distilling the oils.  This was one of Ben's favorite parts of the farm.

 Both of us fell in love with this wooden box FULL of herbal collections.  I wouldn't mind having a case like that for my sewing tools, or jewelry, or spices..... 

 The back of the store is full of oils, diffusers, vitamins, blankets, hoodies...cute little place and it smells SOOOO good in there!  This was my favorite part... *grin*

 We love taking walks and it was so fun to walk the grounds at the farm.  Ben and la bebe under the Young Living gate.

 Love...true love.

 Our little love under the Weeping Willow.  She loved taking a stroll.

 The pond.  They have paddle boats that you can take out on the pond, too!  A beautiful place for an outdoor wedding...and yes, they do host lots of weddings in the summer!

 I make him pose for lots of pictures, but he's just so cute!! :)

 Fields of lavender.

 The YL farm is very family friendly, too!

 They have this cute little "Western" town with miniature buildings.  I don't know when they have programs going on, but this place would make for some cute pictures of children!

 Okay,, yes, I did call the mothers to brag about our stop at the farm!

 Two of my favorite and blue.

 After we walked around and spent some money buying oils (gotta love the wholesale discounts you get when you're a member!!!), Ben was interested in seeing where they actually make the oils.  I asked the lady in the gift shop and she was more than happy to take us down to the processing area.

 We were a few weeks late, though...they had JUST harvested their lavender and distilled the oils!  Ben would've been in hog heaven if we had been there during that time!  She explained to us that those HUGE pot things (actually called "Cookers" are where they put the harvested plants.

 The plants have to be harvested at just the right moment to ensure that the therapeutic constituents are highest.  Once the plant realizes that it's coming to the end of the growing season, it stops sending it's nutrients down to the roots and sends it shooting up to the top of the plant to produce seeds for next year.  The farmers are out in the field every day when it gets close to the harvest season, picking plants and testing them in the lab. 

 Once the plants are ready, they put them into these Cookers and then the treat the plants to a nice steam bath!  Now, you see that once piece that looks like it's going into the floor...

 ...well it does!  And here is the other end!  The bottom stainless steel thing is where the oils meet cool water...not too cold, but just the right temperature to start the gentle cooling process.  

 The oils and water are combined in this giant glass tube.  Oil and water do not mix, but they do separate!  So the water comes in just high enough to pus the oils over the top of the plate like thing and then oils drain through that tube into a container that they hook up.

 Pretty cool, eh?

 This is an old distiller...but Ben wants it!  After our tour was done, we headed back to the car and we continued on our merry way!  We hope that one day we can go back and be there during the harvest season!

 A drive by picture of the fields.

Now, are you ready to win a FREE bottle of Young Living's Valor blend?!?!

HOW TO ENTER (You may enter each way one time. Your name will be entered for each "task" you complete.)

1. Post a link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Buzz to this contest page and include this hashtag #renaissanceoils

2. Follow our Blog by clicking "Join This Site" on our sidebar.

3. Repost a link to the contest page  on your own blog, then leave the link to that page in the comment section of the contest page (below).

4. Leave a comment in the comment section below this post telling us how which ways you chose to enter.

The contest BEGINS now and ENDS on  November 17th at 11:59pm.  The winner will be announced on Monday the 20th!

Lilyana hopes that YOU win!  She's a happy, essential oil loving baby, too! *grin*

Click here to find out how to sign up to become a Young Living member yourself! 


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Very cool pictures. Since I got a phone call from the "farm", I will pass on the contest and let someone else "win". Quite fun pics and makes me want to go. Maybe the Grandmas could meet up there someday! Oh, and I love the old diffuser as well.

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