Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We're so busy, busy, dreadfully busy...more than an octopus, more than an ant!

Well, I suppose I have no excuse, and yet, I feel obligated to give one.  Life has been crazy busy of late, and I mean more than usual.  Ben and I were not in charge of running Reformation Day this year, but we were in the play, and that seemed to take up more time than we had originally planned.  Outfits had to be made, lines had to be memorized, practices had to be attended, and somewhere in the middle of all that craziness, we had to live as well.  

But, Reformation Day is over and life is beginning to get back to normal...once I get my pomegranates peeled and processed, as well as my 80 pounds of apples and my pie pumpkins, that is. *grin*  Is there anybody out there who is interested in coming to help?  This is mostly a "let me bring you up to date" blog post...I have a ton of pictures to download and was hoping to include a few in this post, but my camera is in my room, and my sleeping baby is in my room too...my sleeping baby happens to really need her sleep right now, so those pictures will have to come later!  

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And now...the pictures...

 With a hectic schedule, time to research exotic foods had to take a backseat.  Ben also has a fractured tooth, so soft foods have been on the menu lately.  This was from our Hawaiian week...Chicken Coconut Curry over rice...YUM!

 We bought a 1914 era Phonograph recently, and after that acquisition, we've been on the lookout for records!  Somebody gave us a HUGE box of records, but most of them were the wrong kinds...  Lilyana thought they were great toys, though!

 We were really happy to have my sister and her family up for one more visit before they moved back to the Lone Star State.  Joshua loves his sunglasses!

 "The Boys" have graduated and are moving on to higher education and internships.  We had a lovely ceremony up at the Ranch and it was fun to see them surrounded by family and friends as they move on in life.

 Craig: Why do I need a papoose?
The Doctor: Alfie wants you attached to him. You are far too slow when he summons you.

 Some good friends of ours had these geese who needed to make their new homes in the freezer.  Ben has had experience with chickens, so he welcomed the idea of learning to...um...kill...geese.  It was....interesting.

 As I said above, my baby loves to sleep...and when she doesn't get her naps, she is miserable...so we don't interrupt her when she sleeps.

Reformation Day last year...3 1/2 months pregnant...

Reformation Day this year...complete with our sweet bundle of joy.
 And a few more pictures from Reformation Day.  A Dragoon and a lady.

 The evil Intendent and his men...

 Okay, so they are really nice guys!

 The scaaaaaary people in the play.

This is only a small group of the "actors"...the rest were out dancing.  Joel (two people to the right of Ben) was a great director and we couldn't have done it without him!

And that's all for now...check back soon for more pictures of our latest excursions.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

You sew the loveliest clothing, Tiffany.

The wee girlie is growing well and more adorable everyday.


Lauren said...

I love your costumes, Tiffany! And processing pomegranates--that sounds yummy and amazing! Pomegranates never last long enough around here to be processed!

Simply Tiffany said...


Thank you! I love to sew...and costume events are my favorite!

I know!!!! She is growing MUCH too fast.... :(


Thanks! Processing pomegranates is a lot of fun! We eat a lot of them while we work on them...and if we didn't have four HUGE tubs of them, they wouldn't last long around here, either!

Yvonne said...

Love that hat Lilyana is wearing.... :o) What are you doing with 80 pounds of apples?

Simply Tiffany said...

Mrs. Reynolds,

Me too! *grin*

I'm making applesauce with half of them, and apple pie filling with the rest...LOTS of canning in the near future! :)

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