Friday, April 20, 2012

Día nueve y de diez días

Getting back to our trip...yes, I know, I know...this is taking forever...but hey, it's fun for us to look back on all of the pictures and share memories together!  

Day nine started out looking beautiful!  The sun was shining, the weather was warming up and we were ready to get out of the fog and into the mountains!  We grabbed boots, tennis shoes, jackets and the Ergo and we were off for some hiking!  

Ben found a little village waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the mountains with some great hiking paths heading further up into the mountains, so we grabbed some breakfast and took off!

 The view was just breathtaking!  The air was so crisp and clear and it was sooooo quiet up there!  This was before we actually went hiking.

More driving with more beauty.

We found it!!!  A cute little village nestled in the mountains.  I want to live there!

The Opel Astra ad...Nice car.  I want one.

And we're off!  Ben has found his happy place.

Jessica stopping to take a breath...and a picture.

Melissa went waaaaaaay ahead of us, so I actually don't have any pictures of her on this hike! :(  She was having loads of fun scouting out the best places to see before we made it up.  Wow...she has got some energy!

Oh look!!!!  Pre-historic art! *grin*

Loverly mountain flowers.

 Ben and Melissa found this very old stone cottage (which had seen better days) and Ben wanted to renovate it and move in.  Getting over the walls was....interesting.

At the top of the world.

On our way up, this funny old farmer guy stopped by to say "hi" and some other stuff we really didn't understand.  He thought that the baby was cute, though and was a very perky old guy.  Not sure that I'd want to drive down the mountain, especially in that old truck!

It's hard not to take a gazillion pictures of the view when you're's really just amazing!

The love of my life.

BLT...or TLB....
You know, it was really nice having somebody take our picture for a change!  No more strollers
 for tri-pods!  
If you'd like to donate to our tri-pod fund....... *grin*

We went into a cave and Ben said, "BOO!"  This was what followed....

At the very top!  So green, so cool, so quiet and just drop dead beautiful!
Oh, I could sit up there forever!

Spanish cows are happy cows.  No pens, so cramped living space, just green grass and mountain spring water.  

On our way back home, Jessica opened somebody's door to see if they were a restaurant...they weren't.  We high-tailed it out of that little village and found food.  Jess refused to ask anybody else if they were serving food.  

The next morning we didn't have any huge plans, so we... 
 Wrote some notes, sealed them with wax and...

...went down to our beach!  This time there really was a HUGE beach and a little island thing!  

Melissa walking out to the island.

My loves.

Ben and Jess tried to find an easy way across, but the rocks reeeeeeeeally hurt the feet!  I mean, seriously hurt!  And of course, all three of us girls were in long dresses and barefoot... 

Melissa soaking up the moment.

The coastline.

Lilyana was afraid of being stranded on the island.

So Ben threw our bottles out into the ocean and we hope to get some emails someday from the people who found them.  We were aiming for England. 

And then we headed back...Melissa got there before us and started yelling as the tide had already started coming in.  Not much longer and the island that we were on would be under water again.

"Hurry!  Stop taking pictures and hurry!"
But you know me...must take pictures of everything! 

Jessica getting ready to brave the COLD water and cross over to safety.

I picked up some rocks to remember our adventure and then ran through the water.
After we were safely on the other side, Jess and I frolicked in the water, completely drenching the bottoms of our dresses.  But once our ran through the water a few times, it wasn't too cold.
We went to Lupa's for some food-stuffs and I HAD to get a picture of the fish.

Jess was hoping that this one would turn into a Spanish Prince Charming.
She was disappointed.

 We went out for some café con leche...only most of the towns we stopped in were closed for the season. :(
 Except for this one....

The construction waver, he isn't alive.  But his arm moves!

Before dinner we decided to soak up some local color since we had a bunch of time to kill before anything opened.  We went to watch the local guys playing a bowling-like game native to Cantabria.  Very confusing.

The players and BL&MJ.

Check back to see the next installment soon!

Tiffany for BLT and MJ


Lauren said...

I love your hilarious tales! Now I must go on a hike in Spain!

Anonymous said...

Do you have more pictures from españoles y españolas?

Carolina J.

Jessica McDonald said...

That picture of Ben and me still makes me laugh... :-D

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