Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Días Siete y Ocho

AHHHH!!!  We've been home for over a week now (how sad....*wipes tears away*) and I haven't put a blog post up!  I know, I know...I should've done this sooner...but you're lucky that we blogged while we were in Spain...I'll try to get the next posts up quickly.  I do have very good excuses for not doing this sooner, a few of which include a baby not sleeping at night (she was punishing us for taking her away from Spain...), getting the house back in order, preparing for a baby shower this weekend and getting ready for the big 1st...yeah, it's already been a year!!!!!!!!  Okay, enough rambling...I need to get back to my to-do list...

Every good day began at Rio Deva... 
 YUM!!!  Freshly baked pastries...not to mention café con leche!

How more fries.

 We found our windy way to the town of my dreams....Cangas de Onis!!!!  Home of the BEST cheese market EVERY!!!!  I found out about this place a few months before our trip and it was on our list of "must go to" places...and it was sooooo worth it!

*shivers* Oh, look at all that goodness.

Mmmmm...the olive guy had some gooooooood olives!


The Roman Bridge

 *laughs* I love the looks on Jess and Ben's faces!!!  I was getting a picture of the four of them and this cute old lady came to see the baby.

Ben is hog, or cheese heaven!

Jess with her bread, olives, Spanish scarf and...what's that in the cage?!?!  A chicken!
Definitely an old world market!

 Mel was thirsty...

So was Lilyana!
The weather couldn't decide it it wanted to be warm and sunny or cool and  it kept flip-flopping, which meant we needed something HOT to cheer us up!

As you may remember from the last post, Jess dragged us out into the COLD, WET day to see an outdoor torture musuem...once we got back home that evening, however, she did some research and told us about this cool chapel in the rocks.  It was very close to my cheese market, so we headed down to see it.  As we drove up the mountain and came around a corner, we were met with this:
 GORGEOUS.  Inside and out.
Why don't we build like this anymore?

It was very close to lunch time, and one of the things we learned pretty quick was to avoid tourist towns for food.  So, we turned around and drove for a bit until we found the one little restaurant in a TINY town...the parking lot was PACKED, so we figured it must be a pretty good place to fill up...

Lilyana was very pleased with what appeared on the were we!

Hey look...I have hair!!!

Once we were all stuffed beyond being full, we went back to Covadonga... 
 No caption.

Check out those pillars!!!  Such talent....

Oh, and no photography allowed inside. So, if you really want to see it, you'll have to go there yourself!
Once we were done at the cathedral, we headed over to see the chapel in the rocks.

 The "window" in the rock wall.

In the tunnel. it is!  Isn't that cool!  Unfortunately, you can't go inside the little chapel, but the outside area was very impressive.


We went back to our little village, stopped to get a snack and some of the BEST Sangria...

 ...and Lilyana, our DD drove us home. 

Since Day Eight wasn't a very busy one, I decided to combine the posts...
 Family Love.

The view from our front door.  Isn't it GORGEOUS?!

Our very favorite cafe maker...making our café con leche!

Ben and Jess trying to decide which bocadillos to order.

 Mmmmmm....need I say more?

Another little village...

CUTE baby!

More doors!  Who claims these ones?

 LOVE the stairs!

Jess loves pineapple.

Melissa loves patterns.

MY DREAM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  

*gasp* What is going on here?!?!?


Yeah, that was from one head.

DINNER!  We ate at home that day...Ben grilled sausage, tomatoes, bread and blood was YUMMY!

Okay, back to decorations...check back for the next installment!


Lauren said...

His hair is gone! (-; I'm somewhat mollified to discover it rained in Spain as well--did it fall mainly in the plain?

Anonymous said...

It is great you have been to Santander and Asturias, 2 provincias that most tourist ignore.
Did you see the Alpha and the Omega at the bridge on Cangas de Onís?
Did you have a chance to try the stinky queso de Cabrales?
It is a pity you could not stay for the Semana Santa, bec. it is really spectacular.
If you remember, pray for Spain. It is very much needed.

Carolina Jackson

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a lovely trip you had!

Can't believe Lilyana is almost one....

Ben's haircut was drastic. Do you like it longer or shorter?


Anthony said...

Oh my word!! There are so many pictures to comment on, so I will not attempt to do so. The food looks great, the people are lovely, and the buildings are to die for!!!!!!! Can I claim the doors?!?!?!?!?!?:)Love you all so much and I am so glad that you all have returned!!!!!!

Anton, Esq. to be

Matthew Hector said...

Great post Tiff! The food there looks so good!! Next time you go to Spain you'll have to take more people! :) Can't wait to see you guys!

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