Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Día seis

Oh boy....what to say about Día seis...

Well...we were all crabby?

Yeah.  That pretty much sums it up.

You will notice, I am sure, that there are no pictures of café con leche in the first part of this post.

That probably explains why we were all so crabby.

We went to the market in San Vicente de la Barquerea, but it wasn't as "old world" as we were hoping, but we found some delicious veggies, and some great gifts for our loved ones back home.  I don't know...maybe if we had had our café con leche first, it would have been more to our liking. *grin*

Okay, I'll stop telling you about our bad day and let you enjoy the pictures...

When the tide is out, all of the boats sit on the ground.  It's very amusing.  We thought it would be fun to sit in one and wait for the tide to come back in...

Ben waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Cutie pies.

YUM!!!!  Baby lettuce!  Wish I could take that home with me!
AHHHHHHHHH!!!  Me love.

Showing off the new scarf that Ben bought me a few days prior...Ben sporting his still very unruly hair. 

Ben and the little old lady working out in the park.

Cute girl, Canon camera and Aviators...oh, and the park adds some charm.

Baby love.

Lilyana was happy almost all day...she's a fun baby!

Mel enjoying the loverly park.

As I mentioned before, we went back home to rest.  All of the girls sat out in the hot Spanish sun., while Ben went to nap upstairs.. 
 I don't remember what she was saying here.

See the cup on my chaise lounge?  Yup...we made some café con leche once we got home!
 Yes...we are addicted to that drink!

Lilyana is just like her father sometimes...
Exploring new things.

"Eeeew!  Mom...rocks don't taste very good!" 
Actually, she played with the rocks for quite some time before she tried to taste one...

"I'm thinking....I'm thinking....I'm thinking...."

Once Ben woke up, he came out to lay down outside....and tried to fall asleep again.

Jessica had other plans, however...

 We headed off to Santillana del Mar where we had some fantastico Paella.
Lilyana LOVED it!

Yes...she's freezing.

Oh look...we made it to Jessica's dream museum!!!!  
(Sense the sarcasm?)
It was cold, wet, and OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only that...they CHARGED money to see the small yard of reproduction torture devices that they dared to call a "museum!"

Yeah...doesn't this look fun?

Okay...the old stone roads and buildings are very cool.

The town church...gorgeous!

 Another view.

Lilyana slept for a little bit in the car and her hair got all curly...so cute!

We went out for a quick bite and homemade sangria at the local place in town.  YUM!

Ben made us talk to the waiter (IN SPANISH!!!!) to order our dessert, so we insisted on eating most of it.
He's such a good sport.

 Lilyana says "Adiós!"

El día siete was MUCH better and TOTALLY made up for our "bad" day!  It was fantastico!  
So be sure to check back!

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Anonymous said...

Remember that Spain needs the gospel very badly. If you have the chance to share/show your faith in Jesus Christ, do it. If people can see your Bible. If you have brochures in Spannish... whatever.

Carolina Jackson

Lauren said...

Cafe con leche makes everything better!

Lauren said...

I like Cafe's but I pefer to get Izze's at them Not Coffee!!
-Laurens younger brother, Jonah

Mikaela said...

Ah, you just had to investigate the siesta--doesn't get much more Spanish than that! ;-) Travelling and touring sure can be exhausting!

Thomas and Lindsey said...

You bad day in Spain doesn't look half bad. The sun will come out tomorrow.


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