Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Día uno y dos días

After a looooooooooooong flight on two planes, we FINALLY arrived in Barcelona!  Yes, that's right...Barcelona, Spain!'s gorgeous over here!  We are all considering staying here for the rest of our lives...oh, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself...

So, we flew into Barcelona, and the first thing we noticed after getting on the road was that the Spainards drive like maniacs!  Seriously!  However, they look down on the Italians and their driving "skills". *grin*  Ben was very amusing as he drove us to our little home on the coast.  We only had a paper map (of the WHOLE COUNTY!  WAY too big to get where you want to go....), so we hit the road, learned to read the signs as we went and had oodles of fun...until we started to fall asleep...  We were so very tired!  We made it "home" at 11:00 pm (yes, we took the scenic route...) and crashed into bed.  Lilyana has been an absolute angel!  Yes, she's had her small grumpy moments, but overall she has handled the trip, chaos, time change, etc...quite well.   We are having so much fun (which is why this post is late) and are so looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!  Enjoy these pictures from Día uno y dos días!  

 Waiting in the airport as Ben worked out the final details for our rental car.

 Lilyana was SOOOO happy to be off of the plane!  STRETCH time!

 Our Astra...I want to take it home!
 Reading a Spanish

 Spain's version of California's Hwy 1.

 The beautiful church in the TINY town we stopped in.  We passed through so many tiny towns (they are all over Spain!  LOVE it!) and each one has a beautiful church!  Why don't we build like this anymore?

 In the little bakery that Melissa found by following a native.  Best. Bread. Ever.

 Melissa's doors.  We all found doors we want to take home.

 Homemade pastry with a chocolate hazelnut filling...YUM!

 A castle we saw in the distance.  We had to stop!  Took us a while to find it, but it was worth it!


 The entrance to the church.

 We were soooo exhausted that day!  Ben was so sweet and treated us all to cafe con leche...
Best. Coffee. Ever.
We are so getting spoiled over here!

The last shot of the started getting dark and we were too tired to whip the camera out.

When we woke up the next morning, we walked outside to see our view:
 Yeah...this is the good life.  We got dressed, met our sweet Tinin and Paco (we love y'all!!!) and after they showed us how to run European washers/dryers, etc...they bid us adios and we went for a lovely walk!

 We found the Bay of Biscay, but we weren't sure how to get down to it.  So we kept walking.

 Good times!

 Lovely view!

 The path down to the ocean doesn't come close to meeting up with California park standards!  

 Ben exploring.


 Perfect weather!

 The girls standing in the BAY OF BISCAY!!!!!!

 Pretty girl.  Pretty beach.

 Pretty girls.  Pretty beach.

 The water likes Jess.

 Daddy and baby.

 Reflections in the sand.

 Ben looking epic as we climbed back up to land.

 More cuteness because we know you don't get enough.


Two sisters...the other one was looking for shells.

 Family hug!

Lilyana says "Adios!"

Okay, I need to get some shut-eye so that I'm all rested for our adventures in the morning...
Catch us tomorrow for more pictures!  

With love from all...



Thomas and Lindsey said...

LOVE it!! Spain looks awesome. Linds and I will come with you guys next time... and we'll bring a playmate for Lilyana :)

Simply Tiffany said...

T&L...Sounds good to us!!! That would be soooo fun! We'll have to come back to this place,'s the BEST!

Mikaela said...

No, seriously? Spain! Delightful!

I love the shot of you and Ben together. Did you get your hair cut recently? It looks lovely.

Looking forward to more pictures. If I can't go there right now, then I must be happy with exploring Spain from your camera lens.

Lauren said...

Oh, am I jealous! Rain here, and it looks so lovely there!

Yvonne said...

Love this post! Looks like you are having an amazing time, lots to take pictures of!

James VI said...

Family picture in front of a dead dog?!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a wonderful trip! Wow! And your sisters to share it with, excellent!


JB said...

What a beautiful place!! Was the castle of the Moors or another period. We appreciate the people pictures, too. And of course the pictures of "cuteness".:) Pops and I volunteer to come along next time and babysit all the grandchildren!!

Thanks for the update. We love to know what all y'all are doing.

Love & Blessings dear ones, Mumsie

James McDonald said...

Wonderful photos. Brings back many memories. Pay attention to the architecture at the old churches and cathedrals. Just image the work and dedication that went into each sculpture - around the doors, windows, and steeples - some that only God can see. Amazing. Simply amazing. Maybe we can make an extended family vacation there some day.

With love from all, especially me!


Simply Tiffany said...


YES!!!! SPAIN!!!! We are having so much fun! I got my haircut about a week ago...I LOVE IT! MUCH shorter than I've had it before, but so easy to take care of...and it's fun. Oh, you will see LOTS of pictures on this trip! :P


YES! It's absolutely gorgeous here! I want to stay!

Mrs. Reynolds,

Will do! :D


What?!!?!?!? That's a LOG...not a DOG...


Yes...they were so sweet to agree to come with us! :P


Oh, just wait till you see the next post! I wish that we could upload ALL of the pictures... :( The castle was after the Moors...sorry, I forgot to mention which one it's the Castillo del Rey. Sounds good to trips would be so fun!

Oh, and we have lots of "cuteness" pictures...lots, lots more!

Love you!


I'm sure it does! I so wish that you could be here to give us savvy traveler tips and share this amazing trip with us! We spent about an hour just looking at the incredible architecture of the church! Oh was incredible, Dad! Just like you used to tell us! No wonder you love collecting church pictures! I might start that, too!

We love you sooooooo much and YES! We HAVE to come here as a family...we're already thinking about how much it would cost to get a few of these houses in Pechon! :P

Love you, Dad!

Abigail McDonald said...

I miss y'all so much! :( Bring back lots of shells, Mel! :)

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