Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tercer día

Ben and Jess are playing a card game, Melissa is working on Spanish phrases...and I'm looking at pictures!  I really do wish that I could put up ALL of the pictures that we've taken over the last few days, but that would come to... *goes to check* okay...only 995 pictures...that's not too many, is it?  Ben thinks that it is, so I will try hard to keep the amount of pictures that I post while we are away within his limits...  

We spent yesterday up at the Picos de Europa, also known as the Peaks of Europe!  It was INCREDIBLE!!!  After our beautiful drive over there, we took a walk around the park area to escape the scary French school children who were heading up the peaks.  Once we were sure that they were gone, we got our tickets and took a 800 meter tram ride up to Torre de Cerredo...which is 1,800 meters tall!  The view was breathtaking!  Jess kept saying that she felt like she was in The Lord of the Rings. *grin*  Melissa doesn't really like heights, so she offered to stay behind and babysit.  I could seriously go back again...  Okay, I won't bore you anymore with my stories...I'm sure you are here for the pictures...

 Ben's breakfast.  The rest of us had Cafe con Leche.

 The road we took to get to the Picos.  I think it was more impressive than Yosemite!  Ben says that is blasphemy.
The very old town of's been around since the Romans...and it's sooooo obvious!  We LOVED this town.

"How much are those girlies in the window?"

 My doors.

Ben and Jess in front of another castle.  We love castles.


Ahhh...what a view!  Can you imagine living in this town?!?!

Family fotos (as they say over here).

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!  REAL Spanish Flan...sooooooo veeeeeeeeeeeeery gooooooood!

Yeah, cafe and vino are served at almost every meal.

Anybody know what these are for?

Our lunch place...lots of good food here!

Lilyana love the water.  They have HUGE water bottles here!

Hanging out in the sun.

Ben wants to live in the stone house out in that field.  I do too.

Ahhh!!!!  Spanish sheep!!!  They ignored us until we said "Hola!!!"

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!  Almost as cute as my baby....
Okay, not quite. :)

See that little house at the top....that is where we were headed.  But, as I said earlier in the post, we wandered around to avoid the scary French kids.

 You can do anything in a long dress.

Ben and Jess calmly freaking out before entering our tram.

Just before boarding...saying our last goodbyes to Mel and Lilyana.



Let the screams commence.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, she is totally freaking out here.


 Mel and Lilyana are down there somewhere!

WE MADE IT!!!!!  What a view!

The crisp cool air and the scaaaaaaaary porch with the MESH GATE for a floor!  

 It's a long drop.

Cute, eh?

She's at the top of the world...

So really, once you got off of the tram it was actually quite comfortable up there.

The way we went...but if you ever go there, don't touch the "grass".  It isn't grass.

Ben is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there.

Yup...a blonde moment.  The snow is deeper than it looks.


Jess and I laid down on the rocks while Ben went exploring.  We sat up when we heard him coming back and almost screamed when we looked down at our feet. 

What I saw when I looked over.

Going back down.  Actually, we almost missed the LAST tram ride back down!  


Lilyana was very happy to see us return.  

And Ben will be very happy to see me get off of his computer so that we can get to bed.  Early morning tomorrow and we missed our naps this I had better run.


Tiffany for BLT and the Traveling Clan


JB said...

These are really pretty places. I love the buildings and the views. Tiff, you look like a model in front of those doors and I'm so impressed you climbed the fence in a dress! I do not know what Melissa's electrical components do - that's for Pops to figure out. I, too, would have felt more comfortable down at the bottom with Melissa. Standing on that grate at the top would have freaked me out - as you well know.

Love and miss all y'all!!

Anonymous said...

looks like you're having a great time. Tiffany your doors are beautiful. we miss and love you all!!!!

~ From your California sisters

Yvonne said...

Love this post! I would have picked the same breakfast that Ben did, and there is definitely nothing to compare to Yosemite... :o) Looks like you all had a wonderful day avoiding those crazy school children!

Lauren said...

You win the heroic blog award for posting all this from Spain! And I love your sarcastic commentary on all your photos! (-; Keep it up--I'm living vicariously through you!

Mikaela said...

I got that "feeling in my toes" whenever I'm suspended high above sea level. What a cool picture of you feet hanging over the edge. But I do have to say...the Spaniards reach mountain peaks via trams? Since when did hiking go out of style! ;-)

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