Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cuarto día

Yes, yes...I know that I'm a bit behind...but since I'm sharing more than two pictures with y'all, I think that you can forgive me!  

We spent the fourth day touring the old Medieval town, Comillas.  We visited a beautiful cemetery, and after taking a quick tour since it was a bit chilly, we ran back to the car and tried to visit the beautiful university on the hilltop.  But, they charge an arm and a leg for tours, so we were content with just taking pictures of the outside.  What we really wanted to see was the Palacio del Marqués.  No pictures were allowed once you were past the entry way, so unfortunately we don't have anything to show from there.  BUT IT WAS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!  Oak and ebony floors, huge, detailed vaulted ceilings, stone walls, cathedral-like windows...*sigh* It was amazing.  And the current Marqués SOLD it because he doesn't like the weather in Comillas...  

Anyhoo, we need to get going, so enjoy the pictures!

 Heading into the cemetery.

 Beautiful grounds...interesting names 

 Ben wants these gates, now. 


Oh, Ben had a BLAST getting us through the very  narrow Medieval roads!

Oh, and an entrance like this to our dream home would be nice, too!

A lamp post!  
"It's like a dream!"
"Or, a dream of a dream!"

Sitting in a circle overlooking the town.


AHHH!!!!  The Palacio del Marqués!
Why would anybody sell such a jewel!

 The grand staircase.

My dream balcony. 

Cuteness in front of the chapel.

Okay, the future home of CVP?  Wish we had a church like this!

Inside the Palacio.

Mel wants some stairs like this!

Our Downton shoot.

Can't you see us living here?

Ben's dream library room.

King of the Palacio.

The chilly weather calls for cafe con leche...


Goodness in a mug.

Back at home, we worked on ballroom dancing and the Cha-Cha.

And then we had tapas and went to bed.
And now I need to get going so that we can make it to my cheese market.
Day Five coming up next!


Tiffany for BLT+MJ


JB said...

Wow!! Everything is very "purty"!! (I can hear you saying that!) Those building are just gorgeous. The US really needs some like that. And yes, I could see you living in a house like that. :) Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for sharing more than 2 pics per day!! May the Lord continue to bless your time. I'm looking forward to seeing what church you go to/went to.

We love you all and miss you. Mumsie

Anonymous said...

I see you have learned to use the accents in the keyboard real well.
North Spain is beautiful and not so well known as Madrid, Cataluña or Andalucía.
All my family lives in Madrid, Extremadura and Sevilla.
Enjoy the café con leche (o cortado) and the churros while you can.

Carolina Jackson

Lauren said...

Ballroom dancing and the cha-cha in the same sentence... (-: The palacio looks amazingly gorgeous!

Kathryn Grace said...

You're posting update so fast I can't comment on ALL of them because I'd basically say the same thing on each one... in a word, I AM SO JEALOUS. Spain is not a place that I would have thought I wanted to go, but after seeing your photos... Um, yes, I wouldn't mind a trip to Spain. The Palacio is AMAZING!!!

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