Monday, March 19, 2012

Día Cinco

Day Five...what a wonderful day!  Great views, good company and fantastico food!  What more can one ask for?!?!  We headed out early to see the Geysers near La Franca, but since there are no "brown signs", we were on our we didn't find them.  We did however, find a beautiful place on the coast and had some fun before we met up with our dear hosts, Tinin and Paco, who treated us to an AMAZING lunch!  It was so fun, very relaxing and some of the most delicious food that I have ever had!  Afterwards, they took us along the coast and then dropped us off in San Vicente de la Barquera to see the castle and cathedral.  

Before we left, however, Lilyana needed a bath.

First time in the sink.  She found it rather....interesting and quite distressing.

After driving for a few minutes, we found a little country road that went toward the cliffs.


"We're at the CLIFFS OF INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LOVE the stone walls that you find all over Spain!

Jess and I went one way while Ben and Mel went another.  This was the view we had when we looked down.  

Taking in the beauty of the ocean.  I never get tired of it.

Melissa called us over to see what she had discovered.  After almost killing ourselves on poky rocks, we made it down to see a hole in the walls and the ocean roaring in.

There was this fun little pool that we want to go back to if we get a nice sunny day this week.

Jess was happy just holding le bebe.

Ben enjoying himself.

Feet and rocks and water.

Later on, while we were in town, Jess and I went window shopping...and couldn't resist trying on such a cute hat!

We went to a restored palace turned hotel and restaurant . Their appetizer was a little shrimp with that YUMMY thick Italian balsamic vinegar.  SO good.

My ensalada.  

Our group, with our sweet Tinin and Paco!
Check out that room!

Jess had a veggie thing...Pisto Manchego was the name of the dish.

 Mmmmm...the local fish.  They rubbed coarse sea salt into it, grilled it and then served it with a tomato sauce.  The best fish I've ever had.

We forgot to get pictures of our dessert.

Once we were done stuffing ourselves, we wandered into the front room to sit on the comfy couches and enjoy our café.  Tinin and Paco were so wonderful and answered so many of our questions! 

Paco took lots of pictures for us so that we could all be in them! 

In San Vicente de la Barquera on the ancient road.  Up on the hill there is the very old town complete with a castle and church surrounded by a HUGE stone wall. It was amazing to see so much of it still standing and being used today!  Can you imagine living inside the stone wall in one of the old stone houses with a view of the castle out your windows? 



The church on the hill.  Unfortunately, it was closed that day. :(

 We love arches.

Lilyana in the window!
Jess and Mel are loving all of this baby time!

More of the church.

Ben, Jess and I climbed up to the battlements to see the amazing view.  Mel kept the camera. ;)

Baby love!

Oh, that's right...our camera died after this shot and we accidentally left the card for our other camera at the that's all from Día Cinco!  

Día seis up next! to get some café con leche!


Tiffany for BLT+MJ


Lauren said...

Lilyana seems to be living like a Spanish princess!

Thomas and Lindsey said...

Favorite shot:

Cliffs of insanity.


Anonymous said...

I was in San Vicente de la Barquera many years ago, the same year I went to los Picos de Europa. You are choosing routes that are not so typical.
In the provincia de Santander it rains a lot. May be that is why the marqués de Comillas did not want to live there.
The main ingredient in pisto manchego is zuchini. I recommend you try also queso manchego, chorizo and jamón serrano. Y ensalada de pimientos. O pimientos asados.
Are you renting a house there?

Carolina Jackson

Mikaela said...

Inquiring minds want to know: any tips for authentically Spanish cafe con leche?

And you know you'll have to go back, because Lilyana is sure to pester you for taking her on such a lovely holiday before she was old enough to remember it. ;-)

Meghan said...

What a fun day--and do tell Jess that the picture of her perching on the rocks holding Lilyana is a gorgeous one, and I love it! And do tell her I miss her! <3

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