Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guess who turned ONE yesterday?!?!?!?

That's right...the most beautiful baby in the world turned one!

Okay, so I'm biased, but I earned that right as her mother, right?!

To celebrate, I thought I'd post a slideshow of some of my favorite pictures of her from birth to present day...there were soooo many to choose was sheer torture picking out the "best of the best"... *sigh* 


Anthony said...

She is sooo adorable!!!!! I think you have earned the right Tiff.;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILYANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing Tiff! Love to the Trio!!!!!

Anton, Esq. to be

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lilyana!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

She is also the World's Most Expressive Baby too! She's adorable!

Happy Birthday to Lilyana!


MemoriesToTreasure said...

Absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Lilyana!

Yvonne said...

Happy birthday Lilyana!

Lauren said...

I love how there are five pictures in a row of her with the same expression:mouth open in pure delight! And then the one of her and Ben with their mouths open is just priceless!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the cutie pie of California. Happy Birthday to one adorable little girl.


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